How to Create an Abundance Mindset

When you see the potential in yourself and others, you open your life to limitless possibilities.


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Living in abundance means appreciating the endless potential in life and seeing unlimited opportunities for yourself and others. Moreover, having an abundance mindset dramatically impacts the course of your life. 

In fact, overwhelming research shows the power of an abundance mindset. The Harvard Business Review found that developing an abundance outlook improves your chances of succeeding. Mindset also plays an important part in managing stress, according to research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Positive mindset can even impact your body’s immune response, according to research featured in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. In other words, developing the right outlook on life can actually help you live healthier! 

When you develop an abundance mindset, you open up your life to limitless possibilities. Find out how to create an abundance mindset and build the life of your dreams.

Focus on what you have.

Many people have a “scarcity versus abundance” mindset, which means having a zero-sum view of life: one side’s gain means the other side’s loss. Such an outlook holds you back from achieving your goals.

People with a scarcity mindset often say things like: “They always get what they want”, “I can’t do it”, or “I never have enough money.” As a result, they tend to compete with others or hoard resources. They fall into a cycle of negative thinking and feel resentful when other people succeed.

When you shift from scarcity to abundance, you realize that life is full of endless potential

With an abundance outlook, you realize your own strengths and try to lift up others with you. This mindset of service and leadership welcomes opportunities from everywhere including work, relationships, family, and overall happiness. People feel inspired by you and are more willing to lend a helping hand.

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Recognize the power of your thoughts.

Limited thinking can develop from childhood. Such thoughts eventually become automatic responses to your surroundings and hold you back without you realizing it.

Simply start becoming more aware of your thought patterns. Journaling can help to recognize situations that trigger scarcity thinking. 

During the next two weeks, keep track of scarcity responses in your journal. Notice the kind of situations that cause those reactions. When you notice those thoughts, pause.  Explore what causes this outlook, then try to replace those negative reactions with more constructive thoughts.

For example, do you feel resentful when someone announces their success at work? When this happens, notice how you feel. Repeat abundance affirmations such as, “Someone else’s success empowers me to keep growing.”

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Surround yourself with others who have an abundance mindset.

The people you spend the most time with help shape the course of your life. They influence your thoughts, actions, and behaviors. 

When you want to develop an abundance mindset, take a look at who you spend time with. Surround yourself with people who see the world as “glass half full”. They will influence a healthy perspective, to help move you from scarcity to abundance thinking.

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Dream big. Dream often.

Visualization is a powerful method to realize your dreams. In fact, scientists have discovered the very real impact of imagining positive outcomes to achieve your goals. 

As there is such a powerful connection between mental and physical performance, sports psychologists use visualization to train athletes. Visualization assists athletes by improving their concentration, building confidence, and reducing the pressure associated with competition. And it really helps them to achieve!

As visualization plays such a successful role in the athletic world, it can be a great tool for everyone.  Harness the power of visualization by taking time each day to imagine yourself succeeding in your goals. Develop a mental picture of a desired future outcome.

You can also use guided meditation to lead you through visualization practice. This helps to define your goals. It also trains your brain to perform better when you take action. As you succeed over time, you’ll gain the confidence and motivation to build the life of your dreams.

The universe has unlimited opportunities for all. When you recognize this, you welcome new opportunities and lift up the people around you. This creates an environment of abundance that continues to grow.

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