Understanding the Power of Déjà Rêvé

A déjà vu for dreams!

Illustration of a woman standing in a dreamlike world.

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If you go to a place and it feels as if you were already there in a dream, this may be a case of déjà rêvé, which translates to already dreamed. This is a special moment where dreams and realities fuse. 

Many people are familiar with this phenomenon and those who have these moments find them to be extraordinary. You too may tap into déjà rêvé and enjoy having your own personal prophecy!

Most people are familiar with déjà vu, meaning “already seen,” and when experiencing this, you feel as if you have been in a specific place or situation before. It is very common, with some 60 to 80 percent of the population experiencing it, according to Learning Mind. It is also hard to study scientifically as it relies on personal testimonies.

As opposed to déjà vu, where you feel as if an event is being repeated, déjà rêvé is having a premonition of the event. Prediction and premonitions are age-old, with many cultures honoring dreams as a purveyor of guidance.

Yet this gift still exists today, the proof being that many people are very familiar with déjà rêvé. It is believed that dreams are filed away as memories, according to MindBodyGreen, and when one has a similar experience in a waking state, that memory is triggered.

Dr. Leslie Ellis, a therapist and dream expert, explains the power of this precognitive gift with a powerful story. Her client had a repetitive dream about a specific road. One day, this exact road appeared in her waking state, causing her to stop her car, at which point she escaped being in what she felt would have been a fatal accident.

Those with such experiences have what psychologists refer to as “thin boundaries” and “absorption,” meaning they are open to different mental states. Their brains can, in effect, work on several tracks at once. These types of people also tend to be artistic and have vivid memories.

A study in PsycNet shows this. Researchers surveyed 444 German students, finding a 95.2 percent incidence of déjà rêvé in the group. They noted a high correlation with thin boundary personalities, and also observed that these experiences dwindled with age.

Try to be aware of your dreams. You may soon discover that your dreams repeat themselves. Ellis refers to this as another type of déjà rêvé. "I often find myself in a particular dream world that is familiar from many prior dream visits," Ellis told MindBodyGreen. "It can feel as if we are indeed living another, parallel life as we sleep," she explained.

The mysterious world of dreams is an exciting place that is often buried. Yet, when summoned, dreams can be a very useful tools for your waking life. They can be fun, creative, meaningful, and may even offer insightful premonitions. Lie back, sleep, and appreciate your dreams!

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