How to Manifest Aspirations Using a Vision Board

Learn how to make a vision board and watch your dreams come true!


A vision board idea for travel to France is made by a woman who wants to manifest travel.

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Looking for a way to turn your dreams into reality? A vision board is a popular tool used by many who have seen their goals come to fruition. Manifesting your dreams by making a vision board is creative and liberating, while offering clarity and motivation. Plus, it can be life-changing!

The premise behind a vision board is that if you think of something, you may turn it into reality. When you create a vision board that you look at daily, you stay focused on your life goals. According to Dream It Alive, this powerful visualization tool will activate the subconscious mind, empowering you to manifest your dreams and then transform them into reality. Basically, seeing is believing.

Fascinated by the idea of reality being controlled by thoughts, scientists were actually able to prove it.  A study in Neuropsychologia found that participants could strengthen abduction strength in one finger simply by thinking about moving it. Researchers discovered that thinking about an action enhances the brain’s cortical output signal which activates the muscles, increasing their strength. Successful athletes have used this strategy to win and if you yearn for the best life, so can you!

The first step in creating your very own vision board is to start with self-reflection and determine what is most important to you. When life coach Zakiya Larry spoke to The Oprah Magazine, she suggested thinking about one or two parts of your life that you want to change. Write down the words that come to mind. You will then gain clarity as to whether you will be focusing on short or long-term visions. Try to concentrate on what you truly want and not what others or society may expect from you.

The next step is to find images that match your vision. Start by looking at inspiring vision board ideas online. Choose images that speak to you, be they cutouts from magazines or printed images from Instagram or Pinterest. Select vivid images as well as short phrases that offer motivation, says Larry. Adding inspirational quotes is also very helpful. Make it unique, make it you!

Although there are virtual apps that offer vision boards, Larry recommends physically making your own collage. She explained that  the action of using your hands to construct it makes a stronger connection with the vision and its manifestation.

Place your collage in a place where you will see it every day and look at it as often as you can. To keep it front of mind all day long, photograph your dream board and make it your laptop screen saver or use it as a cell phone screen. Stay flexible. If your goals change, add or take away an image, or start again. When you are inspired by a goal that is aligned with what your heart and soul need, you will know.

Psychology Today suggests you make a mental practice around the vision to train your brain for success. Another tip is to ensure your goals are detailed and specific. Imagine it actually happening right now. Add details such as the emotions you feel when it is happening, the smells, even what you are wearing. Feeling sceptical? Block out any doubt and stay focused on your dreams.

As seen in Psychology Today, celebrities, chess champions, and successful athletes prove that visualizations can be transformed into reality. So dream big, think positive, and always make space for gratitude in your life. Have fun with your vision board and remember that when you tap into dreams, you have the power to make them come alive! 

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