How to Quickly Overcome Jet Lag

Use these jet lag tips to enjoy your vacation right away!


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Summer is the ultimate time to travel, explore, and relax. Flying abroad, especially across multiple time zones means jet lag, taxing both body and mind. There are easy ways to alleviate jet lag, enabling you to start enjoying your vacation as soon as you land.

Jet lag occurs when your body gets out of sync with its circadian rhythm, according to Healthline. Your internal clock does not adjust, so when you cross several time zones quickly, your wakeful and sleepy times will be the same as they were at home. In fact, traveling across five time zones could result in feeling jet lagged for five days!

When you get to your destination, you may leave you out of sorts with a headache and gut issues, according to the Thrifty Traveler travel site. You have also difficulty concentrating, and experience insomnia.

You can avoid these feelings and can get the most out of your precious vacation by simple planning, having a strategy for before your flight, enroute, and when you arrive.

Before You Leave
It all starts with a sound travel plan. Before you book your long-haul flight, carefully consider the flight times, advises Thrifty Traveler, as this can impact jet lag. Try to choose a flight that departs in the evening and arrives early morning.

 You can sleep on the flight and feel refreshed on arrival. Or, choose a flight that arrives at your destination in the early evening so you can go straight to bed and sleep after your long day of traveling. Try to choose a direct flight or a flight without connections or  just one, reports MSN, because  this will enable you to sleep better with fewer interruptions and will cut down on travel times. 

A tip from Healthline suggests that you try to start adjusting to your new time zone a few days before you leave. This would include getting up earlier or going to bed later.

On Board
As the idea is to try to sleep according to your new time zone, you must be comfortable enroute. MSN recommends wearing comfortable clothes for your flight, bringing an eye mask that cushions your eye sockets and provides true darkness, and wearing noise canceling headphones.

Staying well hydrated is key. Bring along a big water bottle, fill it up on board and drink lots of water. Stay away from the flight’s meal schedule if it does not match the meal times of your new destination.

If you need to stay up according to the new time zone, bring along some green tea bags to help you stay alert. However, if you need to sleep and are having difficulties, pack some chamomile tea bags.

Facilitate hydration by bringing along an electrolyte mix, recommends Thrifty Traveler. A natural way to encourage sleep on board and when you arrive is to take melatonin, a natural sleep aid that may help reset your circadian rhythm.

At Your Destination
You’ve arrived! Everything is new and exciting and you may be tempted to go out and explore right away. The first recommendation is to make sure you are well rested. If you arrive in the evening, try your best to go to sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

If you are feeling tired during the day, do your best to stay awake until the bedtime hour at your new destination. Healthline recommends sunshine, especially morning light, to reset your circadian rhythm.

Grab a coffee, sip it in the sun, and go for a stroll. Do your best to stay awake so you can enjoy the wonders of travel sooner.

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