How to Tap Into Your Brainwaves

Learn how you can control your brainwaves and brain states.

An illustration of brain waves and brain states.

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The human brain is one of the most complex pieces of biological machinery in the world, and many of its workings are still a mystery to the scientific community. In a fascinating turn of events, scientists have discovered that brainwaves connectability can be manipulated and that it is even possible for people to alter them, according to Clarke Bio Science website.

Brainwaves are electrical and chemical
The human brain contains on average 86 billion neurons. These neurons communicate with one another by sending chemical and electrical signals from cell to cell using various neurotransmitters.

Neurons require a lot of fuel from blood, which means the more brain activity there is in a certain part of the brain, the more blood flow there is in that area, reports The Conversation.

These properties of the brain have helped scientists devise three different general methodologies for studying brain activity: measuring electrical activity, blood flow, and neurotransmitter levels. In general, brain activity can be categorized on a micro level and a macro level. 

On a micro level, scientists measure brainwaves. According to Neuro Health, brainwaves are readings that measure electrical activity in the brain: the strength, length, and speed. These various brainwaves can be divided into categories based on their wavelength and what they are associated with.

Gamma waves are associated with deep concentration. Beta waves are associated with states of anxiety or high arousal, such as when a person’s attention is focused outward. Alpha waves occur in a state of relaxation and passive attention.Theta waves are linked with states of deep relaxation such as meditative states. Finally, Delta waves indicate deep sleep.

On a macro level, things are somewhat more complicated. Brain states, the Conversation reports,, are the way science categorizes how the brain works on network level. Brain states relate to the synchronization or connectability between different areas of the brain required for various physiological or cognitive processes.

How to control your brainwaves
One of the most fascinating aspects of current neurological research is the look into the ways people can control their brainwaves from the outside in, according to Clarke Bio Science . There are various tools that people can use to alter their brainwaves. 

For instance, music influences alpha brain waves, while meditation boosts both alpha and theta waves. Binaural beats (tones played at slightly different frequencies in each ear) can also promote relaxation and help soothe anxiety. 

This research could be a godsend for people who often find themselves in states of high arousal, such as anxiety and fear. Learning to use meditation or music to increase those brain waves that induce states of relaxation could go a long way in providing relief and a feeling of safety.

Though there is still a lot to learn, it is hard not to feel a sense of wonder when considering the immense complexity and intricacy of the human brain. 

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