Introducing the Moon Salutation Sequence

Embrace cooling lunar energy with these yoga poses.


Yoga in the moonlight.

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You have probably heard of sun salutations, a popular series of yoga postures that are meant to warm up the body. But what about moon salutations? Unlike the dynamic, fiery sun salutation, the moon salutation (chandra namaskar) offers a gentler, more introspective sequence, according to Eckhart Yoga, that honors the feminine energy of the moon, inviting you to embrace stillness, intuition, and reflection. 

Each posture in the sequence flows seamlessly into the next, creating a graceful dance that mirrors the moon's serene journey across the night sky. Follow these steps to incorporate the moon salutation sequence into your yoga practice.

Crescent Moon - Urdhva Hastasana

Embody the shape of a crescent moon in this side opening posture. According to Yoga Basics, this pose helps build core strength and balance. Begin by standing tall. Inhale as you sweep your arms overhead, interlacing your fingers. Keep your core engaged and your hips square as you reach up and out through the fingers and bend to the right. Hold for a few breaths, feeling the stretch along your left side. Then repeat on the opposite side.

Woman in the crescent moon yoga phase.

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Goddess Pose - Utkata Konasana

Embrace your divine feminine in this powerful grounding pose. According to a blog on the Yoga for All Humans website, this asana represents the Hindu goddess Kali in her victorious stance with arms extended and legs planted firmly in a squat. To begin, stand tall, feet wide apart, toes pointing outward. Sink into a deep squat, knees aligned over ankles, spine tall. Engage your  core, lift chest, extend arms parallel to floor, palms facing down. Breathe deeply, and hold for several breaths.

Connect to feminine energy in the goddess pose.

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Triangle Pose - Trikonasana

According to the Tummee website, the triangle pose enhances balance, opens the hips, and releases tension around the spine. Begin the triangle pose by standing tall. Step your feet wide apart, and extend your arms parallel to the floor. Inhale deeply, then exhale as you reach your right arm towards the right, lowering it to your shin, ankle, or the floor. Extend your left arm towards the sky, creating a straight line from fingertips to fingertips. Keep your gaze lifted and your chest open. Hold for a few breaths, then switch sides. 

Woman in the triangle yoga pose.

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Pyramid Pose - Parsvottanasana

The pyramid pose feels like sweet relief, stretching your hamstrings and spine, according to the Yoga Journal. Start by standing tall in the mountain pose. Then, step your left foot back, keeping hips square. Inhale deeply, lengthen spine, exhale as you hinge forward from hips, folding over right leg. Keep your spine long, chest reaching toward right foot. Hold for a few breaths, then switch sides. Hold for a few breaths, then switch sides.

Stretch in the pyramid pose.

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Wide-Legged Squat - Skandasana

The wide-legged squat not only feels lovely by opening up the hamstrings and hips, it also improves your balance and core strength, according to verywell fit. Begin in a wide-legged stance, with your toes pointing forward. Shift weight to your right leg, bend deeply, and extend your left leg to the side. Keep your left foot flat on the mat, toes pointing upward. Hands can rest on the ground or in prayer position. Engage your core, lengthen your spine, and breathe deeply. Hold for a few breaths, then switch sides. 


End the moon salutations sequence with the wide legged squat.

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