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Goodnet is bringing you the articles to help you get through this challenging period with a smile.


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Finding this extended time at home and all the rest of what’s going on due to the pandemic, something of an uphill experience? We’re here to bring you the inspiration to help get you through it all! Goodnet’s caring team are busy creating articles filled with practical coping strategies, and amazing stories to give you a break from the news.

We’re covering the topics we all need now, including how to upgrade your me time and family time at home, how to work from home when you’ve got your family running around, the virtual treasures of cultural attractions, learning opps, and calming resources all at your disposal online, and even spiritual inspiration and meditations to help you lighten the load from within.

Despite the news, reasons to find hope are emerging, from the acts of kindness within communities and among celebs, to the virtual resources to help you become part of this home-based volunteering wave.

Then there are altruistic medics coming out of retirement, TV shows helping real life medics, and the broader skills-sharing that’s happening online as chefs, educators and other pros innovate from their homes to make your quarantine a richer experience.

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Look out for yoga poses to calm you and the scientific take on the mental health benefits of this ancient practice, a guide to parents grappling with the new normal that is homeschooling, some stunning virtual journeys to exotic places, and how celebs with a heart are giving back and more.

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