Londoners Celebrate a Vegan Life

12-year-old chef and first mock-meat butcher put London on the vegan map.

Nov 30, 2020


Londoners Celebrate a Vegan Life | 12-year-old chef and first mock-meat butcher put London on the vegan map.

There is growing excitement about being vegan in London these days, for both adults and kids. A 12-year-old vegan chef has his very own cooking show, while London’s first vegan butcher shop recently opened, and quickly sold out!

Vegans are taking center stage these days, and some of them are starting at a young age. Omari McQueen recently became a 12-year-old celebrity after landing his own show on CBBC, the children’s channel on BBC. The show is called “What’s Cooking, Omari?” and it is being aired every Sunday morning for 10 weeks, aimed at appealing to children aged seven though 16.

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Omari is not new to the kitchen. He had to learn how to cook at the age of seven due to his mother not being well, according to The Daily Mail. Cooking soon became his passion and by the age of eight, Omari was selling his own line of vegan dips.

He did not stop here. At the age of nine, in June 2017, he started his own cooking channel on YouTube called “Omari Goes Wild.” His bubbly personality has since attracted an audience of over 4,000 subscribers. His most recent project, a cookbook entitled “Omari McQueen’s Best Bites Cookbook” will be published in January, 2021.

Not far from Omari’s kitchen, another vegan is creating a stir. Rudy’s Vegan is the first vegan butcher in the UK. The shop opened its doors on November 1 to coincide with World Vegan Day, according to Green Queen.

Set up just to look like a traditional meat butcher, Rudy’s offers vegan versions of all the classics including pastrami, shredded barbecue pulled pork, sausages, animal-free ribs, smoked ham, and more. The online store ships all across the UK, but due to overwhelming orders, they had to stop taking online orders to restock their inventory.

Across the UK, children are watching Omari prepare his healthy banana breakfast shake on television, while adults are placing Christmas orders for their vegan turkeys.. Such interest and demand for plant-based foods both in the UK and beyond signifies positive change.

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