Lyft Gives Free Rides to Cancer Patients Heading to Treatment

The American Cancer Society Road To Recovery program provides transportation to and from treatment for people with cancer who do not have a ride or are unable to drive themselves.


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Cancer patients shouldn’t feel stressed about how they’ll get to their appointments, and for many, accessible transportation is a literal life-saver.

Thanks to Lyft’s partnership with the American Cancer Society (ACS), those battling cancer and are unable to drive themselves won’t need to worry about the logistics and can focus solely on feeling well.

The free platform enables patients to use the American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery program, which then notifies Lyft and provides a ride to their appointment.

One American Cancer Society spokesperson said that transportation is often a barrier when it comes to getting patients the treatment they need.

"Lack of transportation remains one of the biggest roadblocks to receiving high-quality cancer care," they told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

"Our expanded partnership with Lyft will help us provide more cancer patients with access to potentially life saving treatments."

So far, the program functions in Miami and Las Vegas, and will soon be accessible in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, and St. Louis.

On their website, ACS shares how volunteers can give their time towards Road to Recovery, and give patients the rides they need to potentially save lives and serve as an asset to their community.

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