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Storage Space.

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An urgent need for space has bugged many of us - especially those of use who live in cities - at some point in our lives, if not constantly. Yet if you have to rent space from a storage warehouse, you'll have to part ways from hefty sums of money - the costs are usually exorbitant. On the other hand, some of us do have some extra space lying unused - in the garage, in the basement or in a spare room that serves no one. put two and two together, synergizing between those who need storage space and individuals who have the extra space to give. The website, a marketplace for leasing and renting storage space, is free to join - except for the one-week-rental commission charged by for each completed transaction (paid by the storage provider).
A fascinating example of collaborative consumption, which responds to a real, of-the-moment, societal need. [Source:]

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