Meet the Good Deeds Diva

Shiri Magar found a way to combine her love of singing and volunteering.

Nov 19, 2020
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Meet the Good Deeds Diva | Shiri Magar found a way to combine her love of singing and volunteering.

Shiri Magar grew up in a small village in the center of Israel and found when she was very young that she has a passion for singing and performing. She also has a love of volunteering and helping others. She has managed to combine both of these in her Good Deeds Diva vlog.

Shiri told Goodnet that she volunteered for an animal shelter in Kochav Yair – her home town – when she was young and later at Akim, a national organization for people with intellectual disabilities and their families, when she was in high school and beyond. She even started a choir for special needs children.

While at the same time Shiri was following a music track that would lead her to the Boston Conservatory and then back to Israel where she was accepted to the Meitar Opera Studio in the Israeli Opera, and sang main roles at the Israeli Opera as well as abroad. She achieved her dream to be a professional opera singer but realized that in this competitive field she didn’t have time to continue to help others by volunteering and doing good.

Shiri said that she took a look inward to see what makes her happy and what she likes to do with her life, realizing that she loved singing and doing good deeds she decided to think about how she could connect both and this paved the way.

“I started to do good deeds in the opera world,” Shiri said, “to spread goodness and awareness of being kind to each other in this competitive world.”

She began by giving hamsas (a Middle Eastern good luck symbol) to a competition she was participating in that took place in Moscow, Russia and gave them to all the other participants and wishing them all good luck.

The reaction was very positive and it was contagious! The next day a woman gave everyone roses. Shiri said that instead of being singer against singer, they became colleagues and friends. That’s when she launched Good Deeds Diva.

At first, her vlog was concentrated in just the opera community but then the diva expanded it  because she wanted to make even bigger waves. Her Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube channel have three main purposes.

Shiri’s first goal was to promote self-kindness – something that is much needed in these times –  and the second is to promote good deeds in the creative community by spotlighting other performers, especially as the coronavirus pandemic has shuttered live performances. The last goal is to increase awareness of environmental issues like pollution, global warming, and being kinder to the earth.

Now grounded in Tel Aviv, Shiri uses her Good Deeds Diva vlog to increase goodness,  happiness, and ways to spread inner joy to people all over the world.

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