Meet a Gorgeous Way to Garden Indoors

TLC for plants is blooming in cabinets!

Oct 2, 2021
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Meet a Gorgeous Way to Garden Indoors | TLC for plants is blooming in cabinets!

Creating gorgeous indoor greenhouses out of repurposed glass-fronted cabinets is a practical and aesthetically-pleasing trend among houseplant and home decor enthusiasts, with a growing following.

Many more plant parents, as multiple media report, are finding that displaying houseplants in glass-doored cupboards usually used for books or ornaments is a new way to care for and showcase their beloved plants. It adds a pop of instant green allure to home decor, a renewed focus on tranquility,  and is sustainable too.

This new passion is being fueled by the green thumbs of  “Pandemic plant mamas”, the endearing name for the millions of people worldwide who discovered or rekindled their love for plants while sheltering indoors.

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Part of the attraction lies in the glass. There’s a bit of a “look but don’t touch” feel to this genius hack. It’s like the allure of curio cabinets but taken to the next level, because this time, the curios are alive and growing! 

Both stunning, and simple, most plant parent devotees just cut a hole in the bottom for cords, and monitor humidity levels. These indoor displays  are captivating Instagram and Pinterest users who are keen to share and inspire others with their exquisite creations.

IKEA furniture in the driver's seat
Most homes today have at least one item from furniture behemoth IKEA. It is this global accessibility as well as the brand’s extensive range of glass-fronted cabinets that make using IKEA pieces the most discussed in relation to this new hobby. 

Articles such as this one from apartment therapy encourage readers to remove some of the shelves to adjust for the height of the houseplants people have in their homes. 

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Business Insider reports on an Instagram account, @ikeagreenhousecabinet and the hashtag #ikeagreenhousecabinet. These showcase many examples people have shared of how they repurposed IKEA cabinets for their houseplants. This account was founded in 2019 by Netherlands-based influencer, Robin Schouten Livingetc details. She has inspired over 136 thousand followers and counting with her artistic green journey.

This hobby is also skills- and budget-friendly. As this article points out, IKEA greenhouse cabinets can be as cheap and simple or expensive and complex as you want to suit all pockets, DIY abilities, commitment and the type of plants you want to include.

Toddler and pet-friendly!
You probably know from personal experience, or know of a friend or neighbor who had to wave goodbye to their precious houseplants pronto when their kids, grandkids or their fur babies came along. Toddlers like to feel and taste everything, and curious pets like to chew on leaves, many of which are poisonous to them.

Displaying your home’s verdant foliage behind closed doors is an instant solution!

Cabinet greenhouse themes and maintenance tips 
It can be interesting to make indoor cabinet greenhouses thematic. If you’d like to try something other than typical houseplants, some collection ideas include succulents, herbs, rare tropical plants, flowers,  and even some vegetables and fruits.

Devotees of growing in repurposed cabinets say that the main challenges are the need to ensure enough light and humidity. 

To keep your plants thriving in their new indoors, apartment therapy recommends that you: “Customize it [your cabinet greenhouse] with additions like grow lights, a humidifier, a humidity gauge, a fan, and a thermometer, and your plants will be happy as can be.”

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Glow lights are great for winter or if your greenhouse cabinet is in a shadier part of your home. To stop your plants losing leaves or turning brown due to low humidity, a small humidifier can help. Otherwise be sure to regularly mist the plants. Many small, stick-on digital hygrometers display humidity levels and ideal ranges, as well as temperature and offer remote app monitoring. Other tips include planting from seeds rather than cuttings to avoid bringing insects into the home.

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