Museum Asks People to Recreate Masterpieces With Hilarious Results

The entries shared in this lockdown challenge from the Getty Museum will make you LOL!

Apr 6, 2020
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Museum Asks People to Recreate Masterpieces With Hilarious Results | The entries shared in this lockdown challenge from the Getty Museum will make you LOL!

The Getty Museum recently invited everyone staying “safer-at-home” to recreate art masterpieces using objects and people in their households as props, and then share @GettyMuseum. And so far, the results have been brilliant. More than anything, these “works”, along with their moving creativity, and nod to culture, show a playful sense of fun.

The creators of these great new takes on classic art get that humor will help us deal with these challenging times with a smile. Instead of oil paint and pastels, laundry bags, paper bags, the family, leftover food, pets and boxes, and anything else on hand at home are the materials.  We’re featuring some of the best results from the public and museum staff in our “gallery”. These come in a range of styles from Impressionism to Pre-Raphaelite to the Old Masters in Dutch painting which we’ve grouped by “theme” — enjoy!

Life imitating art during quarantine season
Life imitates art at home. Relationships, the rule of TV and working from home all crop up in these interpretations:

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Kids have a starring role
Who can resist getting their adorable kids in on this art challenge?!

Fritzi can do it too.

So do fur babies
Not surprisingly, many people are involving their beloved pets in their reimagined art:

Objets d'art
With its call for the incorporation of everyday household items into art, this challenge feels like the Dada and Surrealist movements revisited. And given the recent focus on toilet paper shortages, several submissions revolve around this in-demand household item:

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More about the Getty Museum and the Getty Trust’s pandemic relief initiatives
This art museum includes the Getty Center housing its rich collection of mainly European paintings and drawings, sculpture, and photography. The Getty Villa focuses on art from Ancient Greece, Rome and Etruria.  

Alongside the welcome distraction of this fun art callout, the J.Paul Getty Trust is setting up a $10 million COVID-19 relief fund to support museums and visual arts organizations in L.A. during the crisis. Meanwhile, the Trust’s support for the CCF Fellowships for Visual Artists initiative will this year be repurposed to offer emergency support to visual artists.

Tempted to create and share your “masterpiece”? For more inspiration, you can peruse the online archives of this art treasure trove here

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