The New Cell Provider That Donates 10% of Every Phone Bill

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales mashes up doing good and staying in touch.


Woman makes phone call

With TPO, making phone calls equals doing good (fizkes / 

The People’s Operator (TPO) burst into the US cell phone market last month, offering customers the opportunity to support charitable causes through their monthly phone bills. Launched by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales in the UK back in 2012, the ethical operator is now offering US plans on Sprint’s existing network and infrastructure.

The social good vibe is evident from its charity contribution promise - 10% of each bill plus 25% of annual profits - all the way down to the names of plans, including the prepaid ‘Goodness-to-go’ plan and the unlimited ‘Monthly Goodness.’ Once they’ve signed up, customers choose from dozens of charities to support - including Goodnet favorites the Worldwide Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Kiva.

To make room in the budget for all of these donations while keeping prices competitive, TPO doesn’t invest much in marketing. Instead, the carrier relies on customers to spread the word over social media - a fitting eco-friendly, low-cost option for this socially-minded company. 

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