This Is Where Your Old Electronics Can End Up [VIDEO]

One filmmaker takes a trip to the largest electronic waste site in the world, and shows viewers that there are alternatives to properly recycling old gadgets.

Nov 23, 2014

Alex had a burning question: where do electronics actually go once they are thrown away? Not satisfied with just googling the answer, the intrepid filmmaker decided to pack a bag of old electronics, a camera and his trusty skateboard, and set off to Agbogbloshie, Ghana - the home of the world’s largest electronic dump site.

When Alex lands, he is met by two local guides, Kwame and Kochoko, and immediately integrates himself into the Agbogbloshie scene by shooting a rap video for Kochoko.  But the fun and games quickly turn into a stark reality when Alex arrives at the dump site to find a wasteland of pollution and teenagers working in dangerous conditions.

And here we meet an alternative that’s looking to turn this cycle around: Gizmogul, an e-waste company that properly recycles old electronics, giving folks the option to buy, sell or donate their old goods. Started by three brothers, the family company takes it a step further by donating portions of their profits to building schools in developing countries and funding after-school programs in the States and abroad. Gizmogul stands in good company with other such initiatives dedicated to responsibly recycling electronic waste like e-stewards, and the UK initiative Restart Project which teaches people how to repair their electronics, not just toss them away.

Definitely worth taking inspiration from Alex’s journey the next time you upgrade your phone or computer.

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