New Inspirational Role Model Dolls Announced

Celebrating 65 years of encouraging girls to be the best they can be.

Mar 18, 2024


New Inspirational Role Model Dolls Announced | Celebrating 65 years of encouraging girls to be the best they can be.

Celebrating 65 years, Barbie is a quintessential part of growing up. After all, Barbie is a teacher, doctor, scientist, and astronaut. Barbie shows girls that they can be anything. This is especially true of the Role models collection that are based on real women from around the globe.

On International Women’s Day, March 9, 2024, Mattel announced new additions to the collection, reported CBS News. But these dolls are not going into stores, in fact, the dolls are not for sale. These one-of-a-kind dolls are made for each of the women that are being honored.

The Newest Role Model Dolls
In honor of this special anniversary, Mattel recognized eight women from around the globe who embody the brand’s mission to inspire girls to be their best and to tell their own stories, according to a press release from the company.

That’s because: “Barbie’s story has never been just about her. It’s about the countless young kids she’s inspired and the millions of stories she helped them imagine along the way,” Krista Berger, senior vice president of Barbie and global head of dolls, said in the press release. 

Viola Davis (US) - an award-winning artist, author, producer, activist and philanthropist, Davis’s company JuVee Productions focuses on giving a voice to the voiceless through inclusion. She has partnered with organizations to end childhood hunger in the US.

Shania Twain (Canada) – A celebrated singer, songwriter, and style icon, Twain has been a role model for girls everywhere by breaking down barriers for women in country music.

Maira Gomez (Brazil) – A content creator, Gomez is from the indigenous community of the Tatuyo in Amazona and has almost 7 million followers on social media. She advocates for the traditions and culture of her people.

Lila Avilés (Mexico) - A screenwriter, director, and producer, Avilés has won more than 30 international film festivals.

Dame Helen Mirren (UK) – An actress and advocate for women, Mirren is one of the most respected woman actresses and an advocate for self-expression and aging.

Nicole Fujita (Japan) – is a model and popular TV personality. Fujita’s apparel brand is opening her first retail establishment this month.

Kylie Minogue (Australia) - As an artist, Minogue’s extremely successful career helps to define the future and the past.

Enissa Amani (Germany) – A standup comedian Amani is a political activist who uses her voice to help combat racism.

Celebrating 65 years
The first Barbie doll made its debut on March 9, 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York City, according to History. The leggy, 11-inch doll was created by Ruth Handler, the cofounder of Mattel.

Barbie was the first mass produced doll with adult features and would become one-of-the most popular dolls ever produced. But more importantly, Barbie allowed for girls to dream about and play act what they could grow up to be. Barbie has had more than 250 careers.

While the doll has been criticized for its unrealistic proportions, the body has been rebranded in recent years to be curvier and more natural looking.

Another criticism has been that Barbie dolls have not been inclusive. While Barbie has an  African American friend Christie that was introduced in 1968, it took until 1980 to introduce the first black and Latina Barbies.

Barbie finally jumped on the inclusion wagon in 2016 with the introduction of the fashionista collection. The dolls came in four body types, seven skin tones, and different eye colors and hairstyles. Later, dolls in wheelchairs and with other disabilities were released.

The first Inspiring Women  collection was released in 2018 and featured three historical groundbreaking women: Amelia Earhart, Katherine Johnson, and Frido Kahlo.

In 2023, Barbie was featured in her own award-winning movie. The film showcased Barbie as a strong and resilient woman that every girl can inspire to be.

For the past 65 years, Barbie has used her global platform to empower girls to dream big, explore their limitless potential, and direct their own narrative to shape their future,” Berger said in the press release.

“As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we recognize over six decades of stories Barbie has helped write and the doll that continues to give everyone the opportunity to dream – and dream big.”

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