Richard Branson - Helping Believe Anything is Possible

A disabled man reaching for the stars [VIDEO]

Richard Branson - Helping Believe Anything is Possible | A disabled man reaching for the stars [VIDEO]

Mikey Oliveri is not your average twenty-nine year old. Since the age of six, he has dealt with the effects of muscular dystrophy, a degenerative disease that has left him wheelchair bound. While that would stop most in their tracks, it has only motivated Oliveri to live life to the fullest - including getting the attention of no other than Sir Richard Branson to get him to accomplish his dreams.
Sticking to his motto anything is possible, Oliveri has already earned the world record of highest sky dive by a disabled person – 30,370 ft! But this adventurous guy won't stop there: now he's planning an even bigger dream - to go to space. In trailblazer fashion, Oliveri has turned to Sir Richard Branson- B Team founder and the owner of the airline Virgin Atlantic – who is working on bringing commercial flights to space. In this inspiring video created by Paul Germain, Oliveri speaks directly to Branson, asking him to make his ultimate dream come true by being the first disabled man to go to space. 
Through the magic of social media, Branson heard the call, and the two met in September and discussed their mutual interest in space travel for everyone. Perhaps this meeting of dreamers makes Mikey this much closer to showing us all that anything is truly possible.

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