Seeing Aura Colors May Reveal Inner Truths

Learn how to read your aura energies.


Aura colors and glowing chakras on a man who is meditating.

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Auras are colored energy fields that swirl around your body. There are many healers who claim that auras reflect your vital force, empowering you to know yourself better. You too can learn how to read your own aura and receive insight on becoming more balanced and connected.

Aura means breeze in Ancient Greek and Latin. It is an appropriate term to describe the constant flow of energy that surrounds people, animals, and objects. Everything in the universe is composed of atoms which vibrate, according to Color Meanings, and these vibrations are emanations of energy.

Another way of explaining this energy is that strong feeling you may have about someone. Their “vibe” or energy, be it calm or agitated, reflects their aura. 

Auras reveal important things about yourself and others as they enable you to see the true person. Healers have even detected health imbalances, disease, and emotional issues by looking at auras.

They are also closely connected to chakras, swirling wheels of energy that sit along the spine. Each chakra has a color that is assigned by an energy frequency, and out of the 12 main aura colors, seven are connected to chakras, according to Color Meanings.

You can have several aura colors at once, and they constantly change depending on your emotional and physical health. However, auras usually have a predominant color. 

For example, orange, the sacral chakra, is where you hold both positive and negative emotions. Orange represents happiness with relationships. So if your aura radiates an orange hue, it suggests that you make friends easily and have lasting relationships.

When interpreting aura color meanings, yellow represents the solar plexus chakra and relates to one’s inner happiness and level of esteem. If your aura is predominantly yellow, you tend to be spiritual, have high self-esteem, and enjoy being playful.

Auras can be seen with the naked eye, but it takes practice and concentration to recognize them. To see your aura, hold up your hand against a white wall with your palm facing you. Soften your gaze and focus on your hand. The subtle outline around your fingers is your aura.

Another way to capture this is to stand in front of a mirror. Make sure the room is softly lit and there is a plain background behind you. Stare at the space between your eyebrows, which is the third eye chakra. Hold your gaze for one minute then gently lift your eyes, noticing any color differences near your body.

Auras can also be seen by using aura capturing photography. Famous aura photographers, such as Christina Lonsdale from Radiant Human, capture these unseen energies using special techniques. On her website, Lonsdale explains that her aura photos are a type of conduit for self-exploration and help reveal the true self.

Lonsdale has taken thousands of aura photos including those of Gwyneth Paltow, Donna Karan, and Diane von Furstenburg, according to Vogue. “I wanted to provide people with an atmosphere to see what they’re putting out into the world, so they can experience themselves in a new way,” Lonsdale explained to Vogue.

Be it through aura photography or developing an ability to see auras on your own, you may learn much about yourself and others.The next time you want to connect with your inner light, simply soften your gaze, concentrate, and become illuminated.

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