Simple Tips to Embrace a Yogic Lifestyle

These healthy habits take yoga beyond the mat.


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Embracing a yogic lifestyle means maintaining inner peace, clarity, and healthy living throughout the day. No need to move into an ashram – it is available to all! This lifestyle takes the main yoga principles off the mat and into your daily life.

Living a yogic life involves practicing yoga’s ethical guidelines, or yamas, as well as incorporating a few healthy habits, according to a blog on Yoga Basics. Here are three ways to take the practice off the mat and into the day, making way for happiness, vibrancy, and balance.

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Healthy eating
Feel more energized by embracing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. A yogi eats organic vegetables, fruits, legumes, as well as whole grains, says Yoga Basics. Try to buy food that is locally grown and in season while avoiding processed foods. 

As for liquids, drink eight glasses of water a day to help flush out toxins and keep hydrated, recommends a bog on Yogaveler. Try to keep a water bottle nearby and if you tend to forget, set a reminder to drink water. This yogic approach to eating may help you to feel clean, calm, and centered throughout the day. 

Sleep like a yogi

A yogi sleeps for eight hours each night, according to Yoga Basics. Avoid mental stimulation before trying to go to sleep. Instead, read a book, do some gentle yoga, or listen to a guided meditation. The goal is to go to bed early and wake up at sunrise, then start your day with gentle stretches and a meditation practice. This yogic approach to sleeping and waking could help boost your immune system, offer a focused mind, and an open, happy heart.

Practice mindfulness all day
Yes, mindfulness can accompany you off the mat! Be it walking the dog, doing the dishes, or eating lunch, be aware of all senses, recommends Yogaveler. Open up to smells around you, the light and sights, touch, sounds, and taste sensations. This helps to dispel the mind’s constant chatter, allowing you to be in the moment.

Working on the breath throughout the day also strengthens mindfulness. Make time to be mindful of deep inhalations and exhalations. If you are triggered or feel stressed, do breathwork by breathing deeply with longer inhalations. Make time to work on breath during the day, especially before bed. It only takes a few minutes, can be done anywhere, and is fundamental to living that centered yogic life. 

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Live life simply
A yogi strives for a clean body, mind, and soul, explains this Chopra blog. The yogi’s physical environment should be clean and free of clutter. As the modern, technological world is filled with distractions, it is easy to lose focus and discipline. So turn off the phone once a day to make time for silence. 

Living a simple yogic life is also about reducing greed. These lifestyle choices forego a consuming world of constant acquisition, preferring a more basic and balanced approach. This also involves letting go of toxic relationships and embracing a life of honesty and kindness. 

When you try to incorporate these yogic principles into your lifestyle, you will journey towards living life consciously and calmly, creating a union of mind, body, and soul. 

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