The Spiritual Meaning of a Double Rainbow

A symbol of hope and new beginnings from above.


A double rainbow over New York City.

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A double rainbow appeared in the skies above New York City on Monday, September 11, 2023 on the 22 nd anniversary of the tragic day, according to Fox News. But this is not the first significant event associated with double rainbows.

A double rainbow appeared in Britian after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, giving hope to the people who gathered around Buckingham Palace despite their feelings of loss and grief.

While spotting a rainbow is a common occurrence after a rainstorm, spotting a double rainbow is much rarer. For many, it is a once in a lifetime event. That’s why it has a profound and spiritual meaning.

One person who viewed the double rainbow that formed following a thunderstorm on 9/11, wrote on social media: “I cried while taking a video of it, it was something I needed to take in and capture at the same time — it felt like a hug & sign from above.”

Why do double rainbows occur?
Rainbows appear when sunlight strikes water – like raindrops – through a process called refraction, according to Parade. Refraction occurs when light travels from the atmosphere into water and causes the light to form a rainbow in the sky.

A double rainbow is formed when light is refracted twice. But the rainbows are not as bright. The second rainbow, according to the UK Met Office, is fainter and more pastel. But the second rainbow is also dispersed over a wider area of the sky and the colors of the rainbow are reversed so the colors appear in the opposite order.

The spiritual meaning of double rainbows
All rainbows have been symbols of hope since ancient times. The storm has passed and in return for weathering it, a rainbow is your reward, reported Parade. A double rainbow signifies the silver lining in life and could also signify a new beginning for you.

In Ireland, a rainbow is considered a symbol of luck and prosperity. While you may not find any leprechauns or pots of gold at the end of a rainbow, seeing a double rainbow could lift you up spiritually and that could be enough of a reward.

For many cultures, seeing a double rainbow is a powerful spiritual awakening. The rainbows signify an interaction between the natural world and the spiritual realm. This can open you up to new inspiration, personal growth, and renewed hope for a better tomorrow.

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