What are Spirit Animals and How You Can Find Yours

Find meaning in life through spirit animals.


Spirit animals are part of Native American practices.

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Spirit animals come from traditional Native American healing.  Spirit animals acted as guides or messengers between the spiritual and physical worlds that helped people through times of  transition or uncertainty, according to a blog on  Psych Central. 

Today, people  seek out their spirit animal to gain insight into their inner being or spiritual guidance. Besides aligning with nature, they also ignite access to the animal kingdom’s wisdom. Finding your spirit animal is an exciting journey into self-discovery and spiritual growth

What Are Spirit Animals?
A spirit animal communicates between humans and the spiritual world as a spiritual being or energy, according to the website Psych News Daily. It can take the form of an animal, bird, reptile, or insect. Each animal represents one’s spiritual path. 

Common spirit animals include wolves, lions, horses, eagles, owls, dolphins, frogs, snakes, bears, and foxes. However, any animal can act as a spirit animal and give guidance in different areas of life. 

Each spirit animal carries a message of its own, according to mindbodygreen. Some represent courage, strength, and protection, while others represent gentleness, wisdom, and healing. Depending on one’s personal journey and the type of guidance one needs, different animals may provide various types of guidance. 

Here are some examples of spirit animals and their meanings:

Butterfly: In many cultures, the butterfly symbolizes growth and transformation. Adaptable and graceful, it attracts all types of change with ease.

Dolphin: these sea animalssymbolize playfulness and wisdom. Ultimately, it is a powerful communicator and unifier.

Tiger:The tiger symbolizes raw emotion and feelings. Intuitively, it follows instincts well.

How Can You Find Your Spirit Animal?
Finding your spirit animal can provide insight into your inner being and help you align yourself with the natural world. Here are ways to connect with your spirit animal.


You can achieve a deeper connection with your animal guides through meditation. Meditating offers a way to harness the energy of your power animal, whether you're searching for it or already know it, according to the conscious platform Gaia. As a result, you will gain valuable life guidance and direction.

Begin by relaxing your body and clearing your mind. During this time, focus on your breathing and allow yourself to relax. Take a moment to set an intention. Whether it’s to discover your spirit animal or connect with your spirit animal on a deeper level, it’s up to you. 

Pay attention to any images, shapes, or colors that appear in your mind's eye. Patience is key here. Whenever an animal appears, pay close attention to it. What does it look like? What is it doing? Open your spiritual ears to all messages regardless of whether you receive words or feelings.

Spend as much time here as you wish. Upon returning to consciousness, take note of what you see to analyze it further.

When looking for your spirit animal, it is essential to keep an open mind. Don’t limit yourself to just one type of animal or one particular message. Stay open to the possibilities that different animals may bring.

Journal your thoughts and feelings

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can also help you connect with your spirit animal. Journaling sessions invite you to write about the animal or animals you connect with most, as the website Spirit and Muse explained. Try writing about what kind of guidance you are looking for or what kind of energy you need right now. As you write, pay attention to any animals that come to mind.

The beauty you find in these animals also exists in you. Write about what you admire about an animal or two that you really connect with. When you think of the animal, what comes to mind? Why are you drawn to them?

Writing down the characteristics of these animals can help you understand which ones most reflect your own. From this place, you’ll have a better overview of which spirit animal you’ll connect with most.

Spend time in nature

Spending time in nature can also help you connect with your spirit animal. Your spirit animal may naturally appear to you if you ask for it to do so, according to the spirituality website Forever Conscious. When you venture into nature, observe how each animal behaves and carries itself. 

Pay attention to any animals you see and notice how you feel when you see them. If a particular animal stands out to you, take some time to research what message it might carry for you. Understanding each animal's meaning can help deepen your understanding of the spiritual realm. It can also provide new opportunities for connecting with your spirit animal.