Swedish Blood Donors Get a Text Message When They Save a Life

A simple text is making all the difference in increasing blood donations and expanding the Swedish blood donor base.


Woman donating blood.

Sweden has seen a rise in blood donors after they increased their transparency and informed donors that their blood is saving another person's life. (ESB Professional / Shutterstock.c0m)

Saving blood saves lives, but whose lives? Sweden decided to answer that question, with a new service which sends donors an automatic text message when their blood has been used. This push for extra transparency came in response to blood donation shortages, and is a creative way to let donors know that their donation really counts.

The extra step of being notified that their blood is saving someone’s life is being met with positive feedback and a rising interest in blood contributions. Additionally, Swedish authorities are bringing awareness to blood donations by informing citizens of the exact levels of blood in stock - even supplying real-time charts of blood stock levels accessible on their website.

While fear of needles might deter even the most giving person, donating blood is crucial for public health. In the United States alone, more than 41,000 blood donations are needed each day. The rest of the world can take a cue from Sweden by showing donors the life-saving value each donation makes. 

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