These 5 Consumable Gifts Make Giving Meaningful

Here is a present for everyone on your list!


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A group of friends celebrate by giving a consumable gift.

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‘Tis the season to go shopping. With the holidays around the corner, it is time to think of buying that special gift for family and friends. This year, consider a consumable gift. Consumable gifts are ideal for minimalists, environmentalists, and for people who already have everything!

Consumable gifts are items that can be used, and are often connected to living an eco-friendly lifestyle, according to the blog going zero waste. They can be useful items, things that are tasty, or an experience. 

Add a sustainable flair by wrapping them creatively in jars or inside upcycled boxes. Here are five consumable gift ideas that your loved ones will appreciate and will create no clutter.

A Night Out on the Town

Buy a set of tickets to a concert or the movies, suggests the organization Money Bliss. This is the type of gift many people will not indulge in for themselves, yet if it is given to them, is most appreciated. 

Tailor it to your recipient; art lovers will enjoy tickets to an exhibit, classical music lovers would enjoy a concert, while sports fans love to cheer for their favorite team at a game.

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Software Subscription

Here is another wonderful consumable gift idea from Money Bliss that can be fashioned to the recipient. Those who love books and spend time on the road or outside walking would appreciate a subscription to audio books.

For music lovers, there are online streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music. And for those who love staying home with a bowl of popcorn, offer them a streaming subscription service with a wide variety of movies, shows, and documentaries to satisfy all tastes and ages.

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Create a Wellness Sanctuary

This consumable gift is for those self-care lovers in your life. You can buy them a day out at the spa, or provide them with a basket of everything they need to be pampered at home, according to Town & Country.  

This could include body butter, bath bombs, shower steamers, bath oils and salts, plus scented candles to add a luxurious, pampering touch.

A woman holds a gift of luxurious home spa items.

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Gourmet Chocolate

A box of lustrous gourmet chocolates may be consumed on the spot! There is a favorite chocolate for everyone; health-conscious people will appreciate organic dark chocolate, while others prefer truffles, homemade fudge, or salty caramel. Check out this selection of the best gourmet chocolates for 2022 collected by The Spruce Eats.

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Culinary Basket

For people who appreciate cooking, offer them a basket fit for a chef! Using a selection of infused oils, specialty vinegars, seasoned salts, spice mixes, dried herbs, and hot sauces, suggests going zero waste. Another idea is to offer a box filled with specialty loose leaf teas and coffee blends.

A gift basket fit for a coffee lover.

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