This Airline is Providing Scent Journeys in the Skies

A new relaxing way to travel.


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Vacations can be very relaxing as you soak up the sun in the Caribbean or enjoy a winter wonderland in Scandinavia. But to get to your vacation spot means a lot of travel, usually by air.

The hustle and bustle and waiting on endless lines at the airport and a long noisy flight is usually not particularly relaxing. Now Finnair is looking to change that by crafting fragrance experiences for travelers, according to a press release from the airline and Finnish natural cosmetics company SEES. 

Introducing the scent journey
This collaboration is centered around crafting a relaxing scent journey for business class travelers beginning in the Finnair lounges at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and in the air in Finnair’s long-haul business class cabins and restrooms.

Travelers have been able to use carefully curated SEES hand soaps and hand lotions in the lounges at the Helsinki airport since June, 2023. The same fragrances have also been placed in the restrooms on board long-distance planes.

“Our goal was to create a cohesive scent world that seamlessly transitions from lounges to airplanes, offering a unified olfactory experience,” Elisa Koivumaa, founder and CEO of SEES Company said in the press release.

SEES products are made in Finland by natural essential oils and are naturally sourced, vegan-friendly, and all packaging is made from recycled materials. The scents that are being used by Finnair are naturally relaxing and soothing, according to Good News From Finland.

How scent helps people to relax
People react subconsciously to scents that stimulate the parts of the brain that evoke memories and emotions, according to Koivumaa. “Scents should always be in the background, but in this collaboration, their purpose is to relax and soothe the mind,” she said in the press release.

Using scents to evoke emotions is known as aromatherapy, according to mindbodygreen, and it really works. Since smell is the most primal sense, the nerve endings in your nose are used to detect scents and activate different emotions, positive and negative. Smells can help you determine if an environment is safe or not.

Scents, like the ones Finnair is using, are calming, soothing, and tell your body to relax . All you need now is a good book, some noise canceling headphones, and a comfy blanket to make your next flying experience an enjoyable scent journey.  

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