7 Candle Scents That Promote Calm

These aromatherapy scents can relax, recharge, and rejuvenate you.


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Destress by burning scented candles.

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Creating a warm and inviting space filled with your favorite scented candles is the best way to do self-care. While there are other ways to destress and relax like taking a bath or getting a massage, nothing beats the simple act of lighting a candle and basking in its light and aroma.

Candles made with essential oils or natural scents have therapeutic benefits according to a blog on The Candle Company. These scents can promote relaxation and rejuvenation but there are many to choose from and all of them have different properties. Choose the one that helps you unwind and lifts your spirits.

Relax With Lavender

One of the best know aromatherapy scents for relaxation is lavender. That’s because lavender is a scent that naturally promotes calm. It’s no wonder that it is used in baby products. So if you had a stressful day, kick off your shoes, turn on some soothing music, and light a lavender candle. The scent will help relax you, could improve your mood, and help reduce anxiety, according to verywell mind.

Lavender essential oil candles can help you destress.

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Relieve Stress With Peppermint

The scent of peppermint can energize you when you feel fatigued. But there are even more wellness benefits as this popular scent could help lower your stress levels, boost your mood, and reduce pain. Burning peppermint scented candles after a long day can help you unwind and lift your spirits.

Peppermint candles has wellness benefits.

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Restore With Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is invigorating and contains physical and mental benefits, according to a blog on the Soy Delicious website. This natural scent could help reduce stress and anxiety as well as promote mental clarity and focus. This  makes burning eucalyptus candles perfect for yoga or meditation, in the morning, evening, or anytime of the day.

Eucalyptus essential oil candles are good for your mental wellness.

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Rejuvenate With Rosemary

While most people equate rosemary with cooking, the herb also has energizing properties for you to rejuvenate on a  stressful day, according to the North American Mental Health Professional Health Council (NAMHPAC) If you are physically or mentally fatigued, and want to relax and restore, light a rosemary scented candle.

Use a rosemary candle to be revitalized.

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Calm Down With Chamomile

Chamomile scented candles come full of calming and destressing properties. While most people know that chamomile tea can help you sleep, the same is true of chamomile aromatherapy.  This little flower could actually decrease anxiety, so if you are feeling stressed, light a undefined candle any time of the day.

Chamomile scented candles could help calm anxiety.

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Refreshing Citrus

The smell of oranges and lemons can’t help but refresh you after a long day. Light  citrus scented candles to make you feel all sunny and happy inside. You can’t help but feel stress-free when you inhale these mood elevating scents.

Lift your mood with an orange scented candle.

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Destress With Sea Scents

If you love the sea and the shore, then you know how relaxing it is to walk on the beach and take in those fresh sea scents.  You can achieve this healing calmness by burning a relaxing sea breeze candle without ever going to the beach.

Sea scents are refreshing.

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