This Clip Shows We’ve More in Common Than We Think [VIDEO]

“An open world begins with an open mind”

Sep 30, 2016

Popular French travel website Momondo recently used its platform to reach travelers through a different perspective - and the video, dubbed 'The DNA Journey - Let's Open Our World' has gone viral. In the emotional clip, 67 people from all over the world are asked what their nationality is and if they would take a DNA test. The results are unexpected to say the least - and each participant's reaction is a true testament to the fact that as individuals, we have a lot more in common with those who we think are our polar opposite than we ever would have thought.

The video strikes a chord with participants and viewers alike - and the genuine, true reactions are exactly what Momondo intended to facilitate; a new, shared dialogue that can bring us together through our differences. According to the site, 76% of travelers are more tolerant of other cultures due to the fact that they have traveled and experienced what is is like to live in parts of the world other than their own.

The site set up a sister page called 'Let's Open Our World' with the sole mission of bringing people together from across the globe, featuring stunning photos, videos and anecdotes from prominent travel photographers, bloggers and journalists who share their own personal narratives on everything from the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict to encouraging travelers to “lower their guards,” “say yes to everything” and “talk to strangers.” The site truly conveys the pure nature of travel and how first hand experiences can change the way we perceive others as much as they can change the way we perceive ourselves.

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