This Dad Invents Floating Drone to Prevent Kids from Drowning

The Morningstar SOS's two built-in, 360-degree cameras that can survey the activity on top and underneath a pool’s surface.


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Summertime just wouldn’t be the same without popsicles, warmer weather, and trips to the pool. In an effort to teach parents about pool safety and decrease the number of drownings a year, one Phoenix-based father invented a device that provides parents and children with an extra level of protection when enjoying some time poolside.

After hearing statistics from the Phoenix Fire Department that there have been six deaths due to drowning and 27 calls for help this year, Lee Kambar sprung into action. "The light bulb went off in my head – there's a problem. Let's find a solution for it," he said.

That solution is called Morningstar SOS, and it functions as a pool ‘watchdog’ of sorts. Kambar said it floats in the middle of the pool, while cameras on the top and bottom of the device rotate 360 degrees.

The drone combines motion detection and facial recognition technology to scan both the pool’s surrounding and underwater areas and sends parents notifications when kids approach the water and when something/someone is in the water. In case of emergency, parents can push emergency contact, and help is sent to the exact address.

Phoenix Fire Department Captain Jack Van Hook said that for years, the fire department has said “every second counts in these situations.” As a parent, Kambar also knows those few seconds are crucial.

He hopes the drone will aide be an additional safety precaution (along with adult supervision) that could help first responders save lives and provide more ease when taking part in one of summer’s most popular activities.

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