This DIY Growroom Makes Urban Farming as Easy as 1, 2, 3

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Swedish furniture giant IKEA might be best known for affordable DIY book shelves, beds, and home goods, but their external design lab SPACE10 has a much more sustainable ethos. The innovative center's actual mission is to create and increase the options of viable design structures.

Last year, they debuted the Growroom, an urban farm pavilion with the sole purpose of enabling and inspiring city-dwellers with more options of growing their own food through food-producing structures and architecture. The launch was met with much fanfare, but shipping the hefty gardens across the world defeats the purpose of promoting local food production, so instead, they just recently launched open source plans for the garden - making them available for public users to build their very own constructions.

Not only does it make organic farming a possibility for apartment renters, it also embodies a sense of calm with nature - adding a peaceful atmosphere to any space. For those who think they are grossly heavy-handed when it comes to assembling anything - the designers behind the Growroom have taken the utmost care to craft something that is intuitively easy to assemble and is produced from one material. That special consideration makes it even more accessible and economically feasible for a wider range of people to afford.

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