This Heartwarming Ad Shows You the Impact of Donating [VIDEO]

Even the smallest sums can make big differences in somebody else's life

Apr 18, 2017

In our age of Kickstarter, Fundme, and a myriad of other crowdfunding platforms to donate dollars to start ups, ventures, and enterprises, it can sometimes seem overwhelming to know what to choose from. Standing out from all the noise, there is one fundraiser called Give a Fuller Life hosted by the organization Mended Little Hearts that is causing a stir for a few great reasons.

Foremost, pledging money to the organization offers the opportunity for children with heart conditions to get the care, support, and resources they need. The Give a Fuller life fundraiser is accompanied by a very unique campaign - one that encourages parents and children to get involved, take part, and understand the world of kids living with cardiovascular defects and diseases.

It follows a day in the life of an animated character named Max who is 11 years old and living with a heart condition. As users pledge to donate more money, Max's day visibly changes, becoming more and more colorful, dynamic, and full of life - complete with action and lively music. Witnessing the thought-provoking shift is powerful and compelling, and helps both children and adults understand that what we can offer financially - even as little as one dollar - can make a substantial difference in other people's lives.

The unique video and format also teaches children how money can be well spent and help others their very same ages. The campaign raises valid questions and curiosities that children may have about those who look, feel, and are living differently than themselve, therebt inciting a dialogue about compassion, differences, empathy, and giving from the heart to the hearts of others.

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