This Startup Is Determined to Spread A Love of Nature To Camp

Camping for a cause


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Camping isn’t just about getting away for the weekend and finding some solitude. It’s also about nurturing an appreciation for the environment and the world around us. Hipcamp’s mission is to promote camping on privately-owned campsites, so the landowners can ensure the site’s wildlife stays intact and protected.

And this idea isn’t just for expert campers who frequently venture into nature for a memorable weekend. Hipcamp runs on a platform of inclusivity--they want campers from all walks of life to to embrace the idea that we only have one planet and it’s our responsibility to look after it for future generations.

Hipcamp CEO and founder, Alyssa Ravasio, told Fast Company that they’re “creating community across the political divide and the consistent geographical line that marks the split, usually between rural and urban.”

In a society where everyone is an individual with a different perspective, it’s important to remember that protecting the environment benefits everyone when we each do our part and take care of the planet.

The startup knows that when it comes to camping, people have different preferences and prefer some views over others, which is why participants have plenty of options ranging from mountainous locations to a tent in the middle of a California orchard.

Hipcamp allows campers to look for spots and plan a trip, no matter your budget or camping style. Helping the environment, while surrounded by gorgeous preserved nature? Yes please.

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