Top 10 Travel Destinations of 2015 and Their Green Ways

Find out the most beloved places to travel to and what makes them eco-friendly.

Travel to Turkey.

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Trip Advisor recently published its Travelers' Choice™ Destinations 2015, listing 25 countries that travelers most highly recommended through reviews and constructive feedback. We have narrowed the list down to their top 10 stellar destinations, and - in the true Goodnet spirit - zeroed in on what makes these countries kind to the planet. How do they practice sustainability? What green practices do they employ?
Discover your next green dream vacation by reading on below - and let the countdown begin!


The southernmost city on the African continent, Cape Town houses beautiful beaches, nature reserves, gardens and vineyards. History buffs can visit Robben Island to learn about and view the prison where Nelson Mandela was held for 27 years.
GREEN WAYS: Cape Town aims to be the forerunner on sustainability by 2020 as it works to implement its Integrated Metropolitan Environmental Policy (IMEP). The policies outline green practices such as controlling water and air pollution, educational programs about sustainability and increased protection of the city’s natural and cultural heritage sites.

aerial view of Cape Town

An aerial view of the lovely Cape Town. (Marjoli Pentz /


From delectable boulangeries to iconic landmarks, Paris is known as the city of love and light. Whether it’s taking a leisurely stroll and getting a dose of local culture, or hearing the beautiful French language roll off the tongues of locals, Paris is a place you want to see.
GREEN WAYS:  In March of 2015, French parliament passed a law mandating that new buildings constructed in a commercial zone must partially cover their roofs in either plants or solar panels. The move pushes France towards greater sustainability and environmental awareness.

Eiffel Tower

The world's most well-recognized landmark - the Eiffel Tower. (Marcello Landolfi /


As the home of the sensual dance the tango, the most visited city in South America has an active nightlife, lovely parks and impressive architecture. This vibrant Spanish-speaking city is full of beautiful people, delectable food and sprawling European style boulevards. 
GREEN WAYS: Buenos Aires won the 2014 Sustainable Transport Award after it transformed the Julio - known as widest avenue in the world - into an environmental and commuter friendly paradise. City planners replaced the 20 car lane traffic with bus-only lanes that accommodated 11 bus lines, ultimately improving travel for 200,000 passengers a day. Travel time was reduced by 30 minutes per bus ride - and when it used to take more than 40 minutes to cross the city, it now takes an average of 14 minutes.  

Two locals dancing tango on the streets of Buenos Aires

Two locals dancing tango on the streets of Buenos Aires. (BonnieBC /


Pizza, pasta, gelato, repeat – this mantra is a surefire way to enjoy one of Europe's most beautiful cities. If food is less of a draw card, there are hundreds of fascinating historical monuments that will pique your curiosity about one of the most powerful empires of the world. Though, we can assure you that the food will make you never want to leave. In 2015 Rome was the capital for Good Deeds Day, filling the city with good doing!
GREEN WAYS: While Rome still has strides to make, the city is doing well in renewable energy consumption, mainly using solar thermal and photovoltaic. The city has installed around 5,090 kw of solar power generation capacity.

Trevi Fountain

The majestic Trevi Fountain. (TTstudio /


This iconic and trendsetting city is full of history, rain and fun!  If you are in need of tasty fix, fish and chips are the way to go, and a visit to get a glimpse of royalty at the Buckingham Palace is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
GREEN WAYS: The bustling city is rethinking its transportation habits and has introduced the New Metrocab – the first range extended electric taxi in the world to be licensed in a city, operating at a discounted price and minimal ongoing cost to the environment.

streets of london big ben

The roads of London have a new green transportation option. (f11photo /


This fairytale-like city has flourished since the Communist era, offering visitors a heaping portion of culture with fantastic museums and stunning architecture. 
GREEN WAYS: To accommodate the influx of visitors as number five on the coveted list of recommended destinations, local hotels and hostels are going green. The Mosaic Hotel is on the cutting-edge and boasts the country's first greywater recycling unit; solar water heating; energy-efficient lighting; computer-controlled room temperatures and electric shutters that adjust according to occupancy; and low-flow toilets and water-efficient showers. 

Charles Bridge in Prague

The Charles Bridge in Prague. (Rasto SK /


The 1,000-year-old capital city is a mix of old and new with an abundance of lakes, parks, temples and pagodas to explore. Vietnam is still finding its footholds to step out of its dark past, but is well on its way to regrowth and modernization. 
GREEN WAYS: Hanoi is going back to its organic roots with a departure from large industrialized farms and a return to small-scale organic farming. In an effort to increase food safety and minimize damage from pesticides, there has been a growing trend of organic food stores mostly headed by educated young Vietnamese women in the city’s capital.  

A vendor on the streets of Hanoi

A vendor on the streets of Hanoi. (John Bill /


This diverse and lively city is a mix of mosques, bazaars and savory food. Hop into a hammam (Turkish bath) and feel your body relax as you indulge in a steamy sauna and massage.
GREEN WAYS: In an effort to reduce pollution, the Instanbul Metropolitan Municipality introduced environmentally-friendly buses that work on compressed natural gas and are a cleaner way to ride. 

Istanbul, Sultanahmet park. The biggest mosque in Istanbul of Sultan Ahmed (Ottoman Empire).

The biggest mosque in Istanbul of Sultan Ahmed. (Andrii Lutsyk /


This holy and quiet destination is a place for people to enjoy an exploration of the temples and ruins of Angkor Wat, some of the largest religious complexes in the world. While there are modern hotels and restaurants, the city of Siem Reap preserves their local culture and traditions. 
GREEN WAYS: The GECKO is a floating environment center that is open to visitors, but largely serves local residents. The center focuses on community environmental education, and displays information on local floral and fauna - so that all travellers can understand the beauty that they are witnessing.

Buddhist monks at Angkor Wat. Ancient Khmer architecture, Ta Prohm temple ruins hidden in jungles. Popular travel destination at Siem Reap, Cambodia

Buddhist monks at Angkor Wat. (Stewart Smith Photography /


A place that is described as magical, tops the 2015 Travelers' Choice™ Destinations list - with travelers oohing and aahing over the beautiful markets, gardens, palaces and mosques. 
GREEN WAYS: When one thinks of Morocco, golf courses don’t instantly come to mind, but in Marrakech alone there are almost 30. In a city that lacks clean water, golf courses may not seem ideal, but a recent initiative collects and treats wastewater and reuses it for drinking water and golf-course irrigation. The water treatment facility creates efficient water, and also generates electricity for the plant - making it completely self-sufficient.  

Moroccan spice stall in marrakech market, morocco

Moroccan spice stall in a Marrakech market. (takepicsforfun /