Use a Bagua Map to Encourage Powerful Shifts in Life

This feng shui tool brings positive energy.

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Looking for creating more harmony at home? There is a fun and creative way to attract positive energy in the house and garden. For small apartments, offices, homes, and yards, using a bagua map is the ideal tool. This map is part of the feng shui system, a wise and ancient Chinese approach to harnessing life energy right in one’s living space.

There are actually two bagua map systems, according to Love to Know, the classical octagonal map that uses compass readings and the Black Hat nine-square grid (BTB system), which ignores the compass, is better known in the west and is easier to use. 

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The nine quadrants
Every BTB map is a square divided into nine quadrants with each area representing an important part of life, according to Homedit. The outer eight boxes include love and relationships, fame and recognition, wealth, career, education, family, children and creativity, and helpful people. 

In the center of the grid is the health sector. This is the emotional and physical wellbeing of the occupants and represents balance. In addition, each of these nine areas is assigned a color, an element, and a cardinal direction. 

Before starting, determine which of the above areas in life feel out of synch, then use the bagua tools to activate them. Experts recommend choosing two to three areas in the home. They say that activating more can actually dilute the energy in the whole home. 

Adding a decorative item to a part of a room that is made of the specific element and that has a distinct color may energize harmony, balance, health or wealth.

Mapping out the home
Here is how it works. Use a drawing of the space or an architectural plan and make sure all doors, windows, large furniture and appliances, plus covered porches and patios are on the plan. Then download and print out a BTB map with the nine quadrants. 

Place the north part of the map on top of the plan along the side where the front door is located. As many houses have the front door in the center, this will usually align the main entrance near the career area.

Here are three examples of how a bagua map can be used to harmonize and activate positive energy in different places of the home.

Front entrance for career
Walking in the front door may bring one right into the career area. Energy can be boosted in this space by adding a water element such as an aquarium, fountain, or a painting of water. Use dark blue and black to further enhance the energy here. 

Ensure that water flows into this area and not out of it, advises Love to Know. If using an aquarium to activate the water element, go for one black fish and eight red fish. Ancient wisdom teaches that this particular school of fish could help activate luck in the career sector!

Tai chi is in the center
The center of the home, office, or garden is the tai chi or health area. Feng shui experts advise keeping this area clear so that energy can flow unimpeded, according to Homedit. One can enhance the central area by including orange and yellow colors and the earth element here. Crystals, stones, and square objects are recommended to enhance wellbeing in the space. Ensure this area is calming by using earth tones, suggests MindBodyGreen.

Add more creativity
To the right (or west) of health is the creativity section. This space also represents children given that kids have a sense of wonder, explains Homedit. Those wanting to feel more inspired or try new things in life can try adding a few simple touches to this part of a room or home.  The element here is metal and the color is white. Feng shui experts advise adding creative artwork, oval mirrors, and any item that enhances joy. 

An energetic deep clean
As most people spend a lot of time indoors, it is helpful to understand the workings of bagua. When one connects with the four elements, a living space can be seen in a new and refreshing way. Aside from cleaning the space physically by decluttering, go for an energetic overhaul with bagua feng shui. This ancient guidance may just reenergize and make a tired home thrive! 

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