The Women’s Empowerment Campaign That's All About Men

#LeanInTogether has an important message: gender equality is important for everyone.


NBA star Lebron James supports gender equality #LeanInTogether

NBA star Lebron James supports gender equality (Tinseltown /

After spending the past two years empowering women and helping them to achieve their goals, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s organization has an unlikely  new target audience - men. Following in the footsteps of the 2014 #HeforShe campaign, Lean In’s new online drive, #LeanInTogether is out to convince men and women alike that equality is important for everyone, citing some compelling facts. For example, couples that share household responsibilities have stronger marriages, children with involved fathers are healthier, and men who support women in the workplace actually outperform their peers.
A new section on Lean In’s already resource-packed website gives tips for men in different categories - including at home and at work. Did you know that girls with fathers who help out around the house are more likely to grow up believing they have a broad range of career choices? The Lean In Together mini site is also filled with tools to help managers rectify gender biases in business, along with articles and videos to inspire men, women and children alike.
The campaign is taking off on social media, with high profile faces like Selena Gomez, Hugh Jackman, Serena Williams joining the masses in promoting gender equality and celebrating the supportive, involved men their families.


#regram @SerenaWilliams: "Thanks dad for leaning in by helping me become a role model to young girls." Men - tell your story of leaning in for equality; women - share the men who lean in with you. Pass it on. #LeanInTogether

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