World Spirit Day Looks Towards the Sky for New Beginnings

December 21, is World Spirit Day, the Winter Solstice, and the Grand Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius.

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The Winter Solstice marks the official beginning of the season in the Northern Hemisphere but the world has been in the doldrums of winter for almost a year. Now, the days will be getting longer, the nights shorter, and there is new hope for the world. This year, World Spirit Day falls on the solstice and will be commemorated globally.

Solstices and  equinoxes have been celebrated for thousands of years according to Unify. The Mayan civilization celebrated the Winter Solstice as the birth of a new Great Cycle of Time when the celestial star clock was reset. Across the ancient world, stone calendars and huge pyramids were built to track  these yearly events.

This year, at the close of 2020, the Solstice is paired with a major astrological event; the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius. This is the first alignment since the 1400s according to Mind Body Green, and the two planets will be so close that they will appear as one single star – the Bethlehem Star that heralded in a new era two-thousand years ago – in the night.

This auspicious day will bring forth a new awareness for humanity as well as the dawning of new possibilities in human consciousness and will be celebrated around the globe.

Unify will begin a live broadcast at 10:22 PT – at the exact moment of the conjunction between the planets – and a global synchronized meditation similar to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. The rest of the day’s broadcasts will include celebrations, blessings, prayers, and meditations from sacred sites and communities. The full schedule is posted on Unify’s Facebook page.

The Damanhur Spiritual EcoCommunity, located in Piedmont, Italy, will be commemorating the day by lighting fires together to spiritually tune into the shift to a new era on earth; where people will move to more community-based living and mutual cooperation instead of the individualism of today. You can register to join this event lighting up the sky on the organization’s Facebook page.

Damanhur is a federation of collective spiritual communities with its own constitution, culture, currency, and schools. The community holds events like this several times a year and hosts thousands of real visitors every year and countless virtual visitors.

Millions of people will be joining these events from spiritual locations like Uluru, Stonehenge, Chichen Itzka, Jerusalem, Palenque, and many more places around the world. And you can join them to help usher in a new age, a new beginning, and a new path for mankind to follow.

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