4 Delicious Snacks That Are Good for Your Health and the World [LIST]

These tasty treats are packed with purpose


(Katarzyna Hurova / Shutterstock.com)

Snack bars are a great option for when you are on-the-go and craving a sweet energy boost. While there are hundreds of options in the market, there are only a select few that can satisfy your nutritional needs while also contributing to social causes.  Get to know these four tasty snack bars that are packed with purpose.


Just as their name suggests, this not-ONLY-for-profit company is all about spreading generosity and kindness.
SOCIAL MISSION: The nutrition bar created KIND Causes, a program that awards $10,000 every month to individuals and organizations pitching activities to make the world a kinder place. The prize money is awarded to the project that amasses the most votes. But KIND doesn't stop there: each person who casts a vote - and even multiple votes - also pledges to perform an act of kindness.
EXTRA MILE: KIND has partnered with NBA superstar Kevin Durant to run a campaign entitled Strong and Kind, which encourages folks to take the Strong and Kind pledge.

2. NOURI   

Founded by husband and wife duo Jared Crooks and Veneka Chagwedera, NOURI stands for nourishment and is backed by a business model that gives back.
SOCIAL MISSION: For every NOURI bar purchased, a meal will be donated to feed a hungry school child. Focusing on the correlation between sound nutrition and success in school, NOURI works with partner organizations to ensure kids in Botswana, Guatemala, Kenya, Philippines and the United States are well fed.
EXTRA MILE: Each gluten-free, vegan bar contains locally-sourced organic ingredients.


The health food company was started by former Peace Corps volunteer Lisa Curtis who while serving in Niger discovered a plant that practically saved her life.
SOCIAL MISSION: The magical ingredient in Kuli Kuli bars comes from the moringa oleifera tree; the leaves contain extremely high levels of protein, calcium, iron and Vitamin A and C.
EXTRA MILE: Kuli Kuli sources moringa from women’s cooperatives in West Africa to create the vegan and gluten free nutrition bar. The snack is also partnering with the Dry Lands Natural Resources Center to plant trees in Kenya and improve local farming conditions by donating 15% of profits from moringa purchased on their site to the nonprofit.  


The good-for-you candy alternative produces healthier equivalents to M&Ms, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers and more.
SOCIAL MISSION: UNREAL was started by 13-year old Nicky Bonner, who set out to prove that all his favorite treats could actually be made healthy. All of the gluten-free candies contain zero artificial ingredients, corn syrup, GMOs, or preservatives.
EXTRA MILE: All of the cacao beans used come from farms in Ghana and Ecuador that have been vetted for human rights and best growing practices.