5 Steps to Navigating Taking Chances and Finding the Life You Want

Learn how taking chances could open a world of opportunities.

Taking risks can lead to big rewards

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Are you living the life you have always dreamed of? Or are you seeking change to create that life? Leaping into the unknown is essential for achieving those big dreams, according to PSYCHOLOGS. You’re expanding your horizons. Taking risks can open up a world of opportunities and help achieve great success. Here are five tips on how to take risks to lead the life you want.

Set your goals
Knowing what you want is the first step toward living the life you want. By carving out your goals, you’re setting intentions to guide your behavior, according to Positive Psychology. 

What do you wish to achieve in this lifetime? Consider the life you want to pursue and write down a list of goals. For example:  “By the end of 2023, I will launch my new business.” As soon as you have your list of goals, attach an action plan to each on how you will achieve these goals. Forexamlpe:” I will devote time to studying what it takes to start a new business.”

Outline the possible risks
If you pursue these goals, what risks might you face? Take some time here to outline all the possible risks that could arise. Think of these as your limiting beliefs. 

According to Tony Robbins website, ,limiting beliefs limit your actions toward your goals. You may be holding yourself back from success because of these reasons. For example, you may think: what if the economy declines in 2023 when I launch my new business?” By clarifying these limitations, you’re acknowledging any underlying fear you need to overcome. 

Complete a risk assessment
Now that you have your possible risks outlined, you're ready for a risk assessment. Research conducted by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists suggests that by embracing risk, you’re enabling choice. Assessing risks gives you an overview of what’s worth pursuing and what’s not. As a result, you can eliminate unnecessary ones.

To complete a risk assessment, run through your risks and weigh the likelihood of them occurring. You should also include the potential downsides of these risks and your response if they occur. Doing so gives you a plan of action that can motivate you to take risks. 

Overcome fear of the unknown
Every risk carries a certain amount of fear; it’s about overcoming that fear. Whenever information is absent, fear of the unknown arises, according to a study published in the Journal of Anxiety Disorders,

It's easy to become stagnant when you don't know how your choices will turn out. However, not taking action is more detrimental to your growth than taking a risk. By venturing into the unknown, you can build self-trust. It takes courage to pursue your dreams, even if they don't work out. 

Make your dreams a reality
Taking conscious risks allows you to unlock your potential. The goal of success is to take better and more risks each day, according to Entrepreneur. Once you've completed a risk assessment, you'll know which risks are realistic and worth taking. With this in mind, venture back to your goals from step one to reconsider. 

If you put fear aside and take risks, you can achieve anything in life. By taking calculated risks and investing time in personal growth, you’ll be able to lead a deeper, more meaningful life. 

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