5 Ways to Manifest Reality

These practical tools may make dreams come true!

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Yes, dreams can come true! With some planning, lots of positivity, and work, goals and ideas can be transformed into reality. There are easy, practical tools at hand to assist in fulfilling your dreams. These goals are not castles in the air, far off and unattainable – they can be manifested right into your life.

Manifestation involves both believing and action, according to Psychology Today. Believe that you will be successful, then act upon a path to make it happen. The popular Law of Attraction holds that belief alone is strong enough to manifest reality, but a changed behavior and action are key. Here are five ways to get started on manifesting those dreams.

Embrace a growth mindset
Believing a dream can be achieved is key. This is called having a growth mindset, a concept popularized by Professor Susan Dweck. Those with a fixed mindset believe that their abilities and intelligence are fixed and dread failure. In contrast, a growth mindset involves being able to face failure, embrace learning from such failure, and persistence. 

To achieve those goals, be clear. Meditate on your dream or speak about it with a friend. Try to visualize this dream as reality and then ask yourself whether it feels right and it will make you happy. Then, move forward with that growth mindset.

Create a vision board
This is where your dream takes shape. Make a vision board and pin images of what this manifestation looks like. Use magazine cutouts and print out emotive images found online Make them specific. Place the vision board in a place where you will see it every day. The concept behind a vision board is that the images keep you focused on a goal and will activate the subconscious mind into believing that this can happen.

Promote positive thinking
Keep your mind focused on the goal, recommends verywell mind. This entails strongly believing that this dream can be actualized as well as overcoming doubt. There are manifestation techniques to help keep you focused on the goal. This can entail visualizing your goal each morning when you wake up and at night before falling asleep. 

The 777 method entails writing down your dream seven times each morning as well as seven times each night. Do it for seven days in a row. This helps keep your eye on the goal. Another idea is to use the 3-6-9 method. Write or repeat your goals out loud three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times each evening.

Or, make a 10-10-10 worksheet. Write down ten things you wish for along with ten things you have gratitude for, and ten things you love to do. This promotes positive thinking and offers insight into goals.

Keep a manifesting journal
Make a journal dedicated to manifesting your goal. This is similar to a vision board but uses the written word instead. Write down your vision in the present tense as if you have already manifested it. This helps the subconscious mind to embrace this idea. 

Be sure to write down any fears in the journal. This will help you understand blocks and think of solutions. Also, note your progress. Be clear about your goals when you are writing and make the time to write in the journal each day. This approach may help build confidence and overcome challenges.

It’s as easy as ABC!
This important method from mindbodygreen mindfulness is all about aligning the conscious and unconscious minds, according to psychiatrist Anna Yusim. She recommends practicing the ABCs of manifesting.

The ‘A’ involves asking. Be clear and specific and ask only once. The ‘B’ stands for believing. Remove all doubt and believe in mind, heart, and body that this dream is already yours. Make believe if doubts remain and use all five senses to experience this objective as a reality. 

The last step, named for the letter ‘C,’ involves co-creating. This is for larger goals and it involves taking action. Keep an open mind; when the manifestation comes your way, it may not look exactly as imagined.

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