Consumer Power Brings out the Good in Business

Tune in to Made In A Free World


How many slaves work for you? If you say zero - think again. Modern day slavery is a practice that is alive and kicking with around 27 million slaves worldwide — the equivalent of the combined population of Australia and New Zealand. Drawing attention to this overwhelming human rights issue is the organization Made In A Free World (MIAFW).

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The nonprofit rallies consumers to question companies about the people who make their products and materials - via their website and their smartphone apps.
Made In A Free World also give businesses a way to investigate their supply chains for slave labor and change their current way of doing business. Putting power in the hands of the consumer starts with awareness, and MIAFW’s online quiz,“How many slaves work for you?”, is a good place to start. The results might startle you, but MIAFW hopes this platform will encourage users to take action. The Oakland based organization’s ultimate goal is to ensure that everything we buy is made in a free world. [Source: Made In A Free World]

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