7 Creative Ways to Move More

The kitchen and office can be the new gym!

A group of office workers stand and stretch at their desks.

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Everyone understands the importance of exercise. However, it may be challenging to fit it into your busy schedule. You do not need a gym membership to stay fit as you can do a workout on the spot. According to the American Heart Association, you just need to find 150 minutes a week to exercise in order to stay healthy.

Grab a few minutes in your kitchen, at your desk, and in front of your favorite Netflix show. Spread out the time in a few short bouts every day and you can easily reach this goal. Here are seven no-sweat, no-cost, creative ways to stay in shape during your busy day.

Walk your dog

Dogs are man’s best friend for many reasons. Asides from being loyal and loving, they keep their owners healthy and in shape! Owning a dog can extend your life by 24 percent.

Walking is one of the best exercises, according to Harvard School of Public Health. Walking for 20 minutes a day five days a week eases joint pain, boosts your immune function, and even reduces cravings for sweet foods.

Avoid sitting idly at the dog park; both you and your dog need to exercise! Instead, aim for a nice long walk with your pooch.

A couple walking their dog.

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Head to your kitchen gym

Ever waited for a pot of water to boil or watched a timer until the cake is perfectly baked? Hello Fresh has some innovative ideas to spend that time in a spicy way! Simply use your walls and countertops as gym equipment.

Lean against the fridge and sit onto an imaginary chair then do leg lifts; while you are cutting vegetables, push onto the balls of your feet, then lower. Or, between washing dishes, lean into the counter and do a few push-ups.

Young mothers can play with their children and work out at the same time. Lift baby in the air while doing leg lifts or do plank pose while your toddler holds onto your back.

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Get a walking buddy

This is a great way to socialize and exercise. You will be having so much fun talking to your buddy, you may not even notice how far you have both walked. And when you make a commitment with a friend, you will show up.

You can also create your own walking groups with friends so you can motivate each other to get outside. If you are at an office, schedule 20 minutes of your lunch break to walk and head out with a coworker.

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Transform sit time into fit time

If you are sitting at a desk, swap out your chair for an exercise ball. Sitting on an exercise ball strengthens your core muscles, according to brainMD. It also works on flexibility and balance.

When sitting at a desk for long hours, set an alarm as a reminder to get up and move. A great, simple exercise that needs little space is touching your toes for 30 seconds. This may even lower your blood pressure!

You can also try standing while you work. Standing is healthier than sitting; it burns more calories and is better for your back, according to Mind Body Green. Some offices even have standing desks and many workers are now opting for treadmill desks! With such options available, you will no longer have a “desk job!”

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Office workouts beat fatigue

If you work from home or at the office, all you need is a desk, chair, or wall to work on your core, glutes, triceps, and more. Healthline recommends doing tricep dips from your chair and slide under your desk. You can also use your desk for pullups and for holding a plank position. Exercise is a great way to beat fatigue, improving your productivity.

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Wear a pedometer

Put on a pedometer in the morning and see how far you go each day. You will be surprised by how many steps you take. Aim for 1,000 a day, as suggested by Harvard School of Public Health.

If you do not reach your goal for the day, it may mean taking the dog out for another walk. Another idea is to forgo that great parking spot. Instead, park far away and walk, or leave your car at home. You will reach your daily goal in no time.

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Take the stairs

If you have an elevator in your apartment or office, head for the stairs. This is a great way to stay fit. If your destination is on a very high floor, start with the stairs and then take the elevator if it becomes difficult.

Every step counts, and the more often you do this, the easier it gets. When you are at the mall, say no to the escalator, and head for the stairs.

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