5 Alternative Energy Organizations to Know

Clean energy for all

A wind turbine.

(Soonthorn Wongsaita / shutterstock.com)

Energy consumption is a hot topic these days and has people asking questions like:  where we get our energy from, how much we use and most importantly, how our usage affects the environment.
In honor of Earth Hour on March 23, 2013 – the event in which the whole world switches off their lights for an hour – we have compiled a list of alternative energy organizations that are on a mission to provide others with access to clean and renewable energy.
Check out the following initiatives and don’t forget to turn off the lights on Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 8:30pm!


WHAT An energy technology venture that operates in East Africa, specifically Kenya,
designing, manufacturing, servicing and installing renewable energy technologies.
UNIQUE The Night Heron Wind Turbine, a product of access:energy, is built from
locally sourced materials and constructed by Kenyan technicians. The turbine creates
renewable energy from wind.
FACT 84% of the Kenyan population, which numbers around 32 million people, doesn’t
have access to grid electricity.


WHAT An online platform that connects everyday investors to solar projects with
potential to receive repayments with interest.
UNIQUE Mosaic is on a mission to democratize the way energy is produced and
financed. The new company wants to provide everyone the opportunity to invest
directly in local clean energy projects. 
FACT The recently launched Mosaic saw hundreds of people invest $313,325, fully funding their first 3 publicly available projects in 24 hours.


WHAT The 23 year old nonprofit implements solar energy solutions to raise people out
of poverty. Active in more than 20 countries, SELF employs the Whole Village
Development Model, which uses solar energy solutions to positively affect health,
economy, education, agriculture and health care.
UNIQUE SELF has installed Solar Market Gardens, a solar-powered drip irrigation
system that allows people to grow fruits and vegetables all year long. This has been
successful with women farming collectives in Benin and in Haiti.    
FACT SELF launched a campaign last year under the slogan Energy is a Human Right
to bring awareness to the 1.5 billion people around the world who live without access
to energy.

WHAT A soccer ball that can generate electricity, created by the for-profit enterprise
Uncharted Play.
UNIQUE The water resistant ball comes with a single bulb LED lamp that with 30
minutes of play, produces 3 hours of light! The innovative company is currently
developing a cell phone charger that can connect to the SOCCKET.
FACT Former President Bill Clinton is a big fan of the SOCCKET calling it
“extraordinary,” and stating that, “It’s an off grid solution, giving us a way to bring
power and improve quality of life, working capacity and learning capacity.”


WHAT An American energy company that powers homes and businesses with clean
energy from  local wind and solar renewable sources.
UNIQUE Calling themselves ‘America’s first socially responsible energy supply
company,’ Ethical Electric believes in making the world a better and cleaner place. They
donate a portion of each electric bill to good doing causes.
FACT Ethical Electric delivers clean energy through local utility companies and currently
operates in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and the District of Columbia. This year,
Ethical Electric will be expanding their services to Delaware, Ohio, Illinois, New York,
Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and eventually

Did we miss any inspiring organizations that you know of? Please comment and share links below! 

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