How One Person's Kind Words Can Impact an Entire Life

Encouragement is a powerful tool


Little girl painting with bright colors

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Language carries a lot of power, and a word of encouragement can make an impression, even years after hearing the remark. When she was 12-years-old, Raquel babysat a little girl who loved to draw and paint, and was always happy to show off her art to Raquel.

Raquel would use a sports-announcer voice to tell the girl how special her and her drawings were, and encouraged her to continue her passion, without knowing the impact her kind words would have.

Fast forward a decade, the little girl is now grown up and has the amazing oportunity to decide between three reputable art schools. Without her knowledge, Raquel's whole-hearted words of encouragement left a big mark on their recipient and the girl took the time to acknowledge her babysitter’s kind gesture.

The unnamed girl decided to send Raquel a handwritten letter that said, “thank you. To someone who saw the best in me.”

Because of the babysitter’s support, the girl had the courage to follow her dreams. And fully realize the power of a word of encouragement.

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