How to Exercise According to Each Ayurvedic Dosha

Plan a personalized approach to staying active and balanced.

Exercise according to your dosha.


Indian traditional medicine, called Ayurveda, is the world's oldest healing method still in practice today, is a holistic approach to health that  is rooted in the belief that people can achieve full-body wellness through balancing the mind, body, and soul. 

Ayurveda takes a personalized approach to wellness. Since every person is different, your health rituals should be based on your dosha; your unique body type and once you know your dosha, you can design your own exercise routines.

Ayurvedic teachings believe that everything in nature is made up of five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Each of these elements combines within the human body to create three essential energies, also known as doshas  And from  an Ayurvedic point of view, each person's body also responds to exercise differently, depending on your dosha, according to the blog Sahara Rose.

When it comes to choosing the best way to stay active for your dosha, first discover what you love. Do that while also being mindful to balance your predominant characteristics. And remember, all movement is medicine!

Fiery Pitta

Elements: Fire and water
Characteristics: People with a strong pitta dosha have bold, adventurous personalities

Pittas have a thirst for life. It’s in their nature to compete, according to Ekhart Yoga . As a natural fiery dosha, pittas tend to enjoy activities that are high intensity such as crossfit, boxing, and HIIT-based workouts. They are game for anything that challenges them, both mentally and physically, or sets them up with a chance to win.

However, just because they enjoy a piping-hot workout that gets their heart-rate racing, doesn’t mean that’s what is best for them. In fact, it’s the total opposite. 

For those that are predominately pitta, workouts that cool down the body and counteract all the heat that exists within can be most beneficial. Movements that invite you to disperse built-up fire energy around the body to create balance such as tai chi, a leisurely walk, or yoga. 

Taking time out from what is usually an intense and over-stimulated day to hop on a yoga mat invites pittas to relax and enter the present moment. To become mindful and soothe their hot tendencies. Yoga Journal suggests trying out elemental yoga, a specific fire-moving yoga practice for pittas. 

Create balance by doing tai chi if your dosha is pitta

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Cool Kapha

Elements: Earth and water
Characteristics: Kapha brings a calming energy

Kapha-dominant doshas believe that slow and steady wins the race,According to Chopra . This may not always work in their favor as it can often lead to feeling unmotivated to actually begin a workout. One of the biggest challenges that Kaphas face when it comes to staying active is actually getting started. If this is you, why not try to find an exercise buddy that you can work out with to make things interesting?

Kaphas should choose a workout that makes them build up a sweat while not spending hours in a gym stressed Art of Living. These include Zumba, tabata, or even a personalized high-intensity workout made up of exercises that make you feel good. Group workouts are a perfect solution for holding kaphas accountable when it comes to working out.


Try Zumba if your dosha is kapha.

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Airy Vata

Elements: Air and space
Characteristics: People with a strong Vata dosha tend to have a lot of energy and creativity

Vatas are a high-vibe dosha and tend to love pretty much any type of fast-paced movement, according to Everest Ayurveda. Whether that’s sprinting, spinning, or skipping, they enjoy moving and moving fast. When imbalanced, Vatas can seem a little spacey, and it’s not uncommon for feelings of anxiety to arise. 

When it comes to staying active, Vatas need to practice a movement that invites them to become mindful of what they do. Besides the obvious yoga practice, which has mindfulness at its core, vatas can also continue to move their bodies in whatever way makes them feel good while doing it in the present moment.

For example, for Vata-dominant doshas who love going on long runs, checking in every few moments to embrace the present moment can create a huge shift within and be even more beneficial than what it usually would be. This method can be applied to any type of exercise. 

Roll out the yoga mat if your dosha is vata.

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