Lightworkers Have an Essential Role in This World

Understanding the love and connection that a lightworker shines.

A person walks down a road into light, reflecting the spiritual love a lightworker shines.

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Compassion, empathy, and love are the virtues of a special type of people called lightworkers. Kind and sensitive, they feel stirred to bring spiritual good into the world, according to Perhaps you are a lightworker or are close to one; and if you resonate with these traits, you may soon understand that you too have this incredible gift.

What are lightworkers?
The term lightworker was first used by American spiritual mentor Michael Mirdad back in the 1980s. He used it to describe those who grow into a higher level of consciousness and encourage love and light in others’ lives. There is now a growing interest in lightwork.

Lightworkers are highly intuitive and are often healers, teachers, or guides with strong beliefs in the spiritual world. On a more physical plane, lightworkers are often attracted to helping professions such as therapy, caregiving, and social work. However, deep inside, lightworkers have an awareness that everyone’s soul is interconnected and they feel compelled to bring this to the world. 

Lightworkers are here to heal
Lightwork is all about positivity, love, and acceptance. Lightworker, Shari Arison, businesswoman and philanthropist, spoke to lightworkers on Essence of Life Radio in December, 2020. Arison explained, “We are all one, the duality is part of our past or something we are leaving behind, and really light and dark is one.”

Each lightworker connects to their higher self in an individual and unique way, and once a person operates on a higher level of consciousness, the world is understood as a place of goodwill, beauty, light, and kindness.

Given the unique time of confusion and stress that the world is experiencing, lightworkers are calling to unite across the world, according to the Essence of Life broadcast. They want to spread love, heal the world emotionally, and help everyone reclaim their center.

You too can tap into your inner light
Lightworker Adeon Asfar said in this YouTube  video, that it is time to open hearts, the mind, and the sacred self. Each day is an opportunity to see your own divine light, to respect and to honor yourself. A true lightworker mentor, Asfar teaches that one can live life with integrity, authenticity, trust, and forgiveness. And such an honored space is one of magnificence, play, and celebration.

Yes, everyone has an inner light that yearns to shine brightly. Remember that lightworkers are here and are eager to enlighten those who wish to connect with a higher calling and uncover their soul’s purpose.

Even though these may seem like unstable times, those who strive for a higher consciousness may see that there is now an exciting opportunity to uplift and unite.

When you decide to open your mind, your heart, and your eyes, you too may find a unique strength and special power to make the world a better place.

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