Understanding 7 Types of Empaths

Identifying the inner empath within.

Illustration showing special intuitive powers of empaths.

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If you experience the world with intensity, you may be an empath. Empaths sense the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of their surrounding world. They are highly attuned to individuals, groups, and also physical spaces.

Being an empath is powerful, however, since empaths tend to absorb external energies like a sponge, life may feel overwhelming. There are many types of empaths, up to 14, according to Greatist. These empaths include telepathic, emotional, psychometric, molecular, indigo, dream, and more. Some empaths may be more finely attuned in just one trait, while others may have more.

Are you an empath? Here is a list outlining seven empathic qualities. If you recognize yourself in one or more of these, embrace your special powers to help uplift the world!

Emotional Empath

This type of empath feels the emotions of others. This type, according to mindbodygreen, is the most common kind of empath. Emotional empaths pick up the emotions of others, as well as take on these feelings. As they sponge both positive and negative emotions, if they cannot create boundaries, life may feel like a roller coaster.

An emotional empath holds her hands to her heart, feeling the emotions of those around her.

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Physical Empath

The physical empath feels the state of others’ bodies. So if someone has a stomach ache, the physical empath will also feel the pain in their own body, according to Greatist.

The physical empath may also mirror people’s mannerisms, personal tics, and physical habits. They do this so naturally and without thought, this power is compared to unwittingly yawning after another person starts to yawn!

A physical empath holds another person, offering an empathic touch.

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Intuitive Empath

An intuitive empath is also referred to as clairvoyant, according to the spiritual database IN5D. Just a glance at someone will offer the intuitive empath information about that person’s life, past, blockages, and habits. They can also understand the subtext of a conversation.

An image of someone’s intuitive inner world.

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Plant Empath

The plant empath loves plants and intuits their needs, even being able to “hear” their thoughts, according to IN5D. They have an all-consuming passion for gardening and love to be surrounded by house plants. A plant empath, or plant mom, will wilt along with their flowers, according to Well+Good. As a result, they make good friends as they are compassionate to all.

A plant empath hugs a tree with a heart painted on the trunk.

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Animal Empath

An animal empath is very connected to all animals and can intuitively sense the needs of a pet, according to IN5D.  Looking to identify animal empaths? They may have a house filled with animals and be involved in rescuing dogs and cats.

The animal empath, according to Solancha, also understands the moods of animals and can communicate with them. They are often vegan and will not wear leather. They will feel deep sadness when animals are mistreated. Animals, on the other hand, are attracted to animal empaths as they sense their compassion and sensitivity.

An animal empath lovingly hugs her Dalmatian dog.

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Earth Empath

Earth empaths embrace Mother Nature and are often affected by weather, especially when there is a natural disaster, according to mindbodygreen. Also called geomantics, IN5D described these empaths may often feel the collective energy of a location or city.

As for the Earth Empath, they may be out rallying for protection of the environment, then returning to a home decorated with earth tones, plants, and stones!

This earth empath envisions sky and clouds.

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Heyoka Empath

This is a fascinating type of empath and is also the rarest, according to Greatist. Heyoka means spiritual fool or sacred clown in the Native American dialects of Dakota and Lakota. These empaths are also the most powerful as their empathic gift enables them to assist in improving others.

The heyoka, when with someone who needs assistance in their spiritual growth, will actually mirror them. This mirroring helps people to see themselves truthfully and spurs them to question their values.

A heyoka empath is holding a mirror as she reflects the truth of others to the world.

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