TED Talk of the Week: Why I’m a Weekday Vegetarian

When taste buds clash with good intentions.

Sep 28, 2015

Graham Hill is a certifiable treehugger. A hippie who grew up in a log cabin and became an expert in green living, Hill knows all of the statistics about the impact of eating meat on the environment and one’s health. And yet, Hill still can’t bring himself to go vegetarian. I mean, can you imagine eating your last ever hamburger?

In this TED Talk of the Week, Hill reminds us that doing good and enjoying life don’t need to be mutually exclusive. By becoming a weekday vegetarian, Hill cuts his meat intake by 70 percent – lessening his environmental footprint, improving his health, taking a stand against animal cruelty, and even saving money.

Who knows? In just five minutes, Hill may even convince you to become a weekday vegetarian.

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