This Nonprofit Jeweler Creates a Future For HIV Positive Kids

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When Bobbi Paidel founded Tribe of Lambs, she had a certain goal in mind: to bridge a gap between consumerism and compassion, and truly impact the lives of people in need. All of the Canadian company’s products are designed and produced with local artisans from India, who handcraft each and every piece. A full 100% of the profits made from the collections are then returned to Tribe of Lamb’s compassion projects, which directly impact the lives of HIV positive children in India.

But for Paidel it doesn’t stop there. She wants to achieve something far bigger - to build a community of like-minded individuals working together for a social cause & conscious consumerism. “We aren’t just about selling jewelry; we are about building something bigger. The jewelry simply symbolizes our mission,” she said. “Our jewelry isn’t simply good quality, handcrafted pieces…but a symbol of the Tribe, of compassion and of what it means to stand for a child suffering from HIV."

Tribe of Lambs is joining a global movement of compassionate consumerism, believing that with every purchase we make, we are utilizing our power as consumers to change the world for the better. Plenty of companies, including jewellry and fashion brands, now strive to do good and to make shopping consciously the trend of the future. Tribe of Lambs proves that you can easily make a change in the world and look fantastic while doing so.

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