Understanding Numerology and the Meaning Behind Angel Signs

Unravel the subtle messages from the universe with the wisdom of angel numbers.


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Have you ever seen 11:11 appear on your clock and instantly close your eyes to make a wish? Or perhaps you’re out for a meal, and the bill totals $222, and you feel a sense of comfort? That's the beauty of angel numbers, and there’s so much more behind these patterns than just digits.

If you’re ready to dive into understanding numerology and the meaning behind angel signs, then you’re in the right place.

Numerology Explained

Turn back the hands of time to the sixth century BCE when Pythagoras, the father of western numerology, was born, according to a blog on World Numerology. Pythagoras, a mathematician himself, discovered a spiritual side to numbers and developed what is still known to this day as the Pythagorean system. People have used this system worldwide to grasp a deeper meaning of themselves and the universe through numerology. 

The basis of numerology is that everything in the universe follows a numerical pattern that offers guidance, according to Elearn College. It’s believed that each number embodies a unique energy that corresponds to elements of your life, and by connecting the dots, you can grasp an insight into your future.

Numerology has been used since ancient times.

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What are Angel Numbers? 

Angel numbers exist within numerology. Angel numbers follow repetitive patterns and deliver messages from the spiritual universe, also known as The Divine, according to Sacred + Divine. These numbers can appear anywhere, such as on your phone at 11:11 am or your receipt for $222. 

The purpose of angel numbers is to deliver guidance from the universe that can bring your immense joy, comfort, and hope, according to the global spiritual community, The Law of Attraction. There’s a sense of simplicity in discovering these insightful signs that can be elevating. 

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The Meaning of Angel Numbers

Here are four of the most common angel numbers according to the intuitive network, Mystic Mag, and the deeper meaning behind their symbolism.

111: Manifestation 
As a symbol of manifestation, 111 presents with a stroke of luck. Upon seeing 11:11 on your clock, you can take this opportunity to make a wish with the support of your angel guides to help you reach your dreams.

222: Personal growth
Seeing the pattern 222 represents that expansion and personal growth is on the horizon. By tuning in with your spirit guides and exploring your intuition, you’ll know if these new opportunities align with your truth.

555: Change
Change is on the way when 555 appears. Whether it’s a change in career, your personal life, or relationships, it’s for the greater good. It’s time to let go of what no longer serves you to create space for all the goodness to arrive.

888: Infinity
As the number eight reflects the shape of the infinity symbol, it’s only natural that a series of 888 embodies abundance. Whether it’s in the present moment or the future, your angels are giving you a hint of inspiration.

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