Vacation Closer to Home With These Staycation Ideas

These Staycation hacks can help you experience the thrill of a getaway, even if you’re at home.

Creating a vacation feel on your balcony

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Summer often means planning a vacation, but many people are aiming to stay close to home this year. The good news is that if you aren’t traveling abroad anytime soon, you can still revel in the thrill of an exotic getaway. With a little bit of imagination, you can feel as though you’re enjoying an international trip from the comfort of your own home. 

Why not embrace the idea of going on a staycation? Although you’re physically present at home, you can create an atmosphere that makes you feel that you’re exploring a faraway destination, pampering yourself at a high-end spa, or even trying out local cuisine.

Check out these easy ideas for the perfect staycation to satisfy your wanderlust.

Embark on a culinary adventure
Many people consider savoring the local cuisine as a staple of the vacation experience. But even if you’re not leaving your hometown, you can still enjoy international flavors and feel like you’re abroad, sampling palate-thrilling foods that are a departure from your normal diet.

By cooking a traditional dish from your dream destination, you can bring the spirit of the place right to your plate. Staycation Box Experiences creates food-centered kits that bring the tastes and smells of specific countries directly to the recipient. Their Italian box includes wines, sauces, pasta and more, locally sourced from vendors in Italy. 

You can create your own culinary experience by researching your favorite exotic dishes, then obtaining their ingredients. It’s likely that you can order items directly from the country of your dish’s origin through the internet, but you might also consider exploring local markets in your city to add to the adventure. Many specialty grocery shops sell authentic products imported from around the world. Browsing the aisles for your ingredients can also be an adventure in and of itself! 

Spice up your space
Instantly transform your home into an exotic destination via your interior design. But don't be intimidated — you don’t have to completely revamp your home decor. With a few basic touches, you can give your home a totally different look.

For a low-commitment change, try switching up your sofa cushion covers or window treatments to match your dream vacation destination. If you’re dreaming of a Scandinavian holiday, go minimalist with clean lines and solid colors. For a tropical vibe, consider brighter colors and leaf prints.

If you’re interested in a more immersive experience, moving your furniture and even bringing in a statement piece, like a new carpet or coffee table, can make a massive difference in how you use and perceive your space.

IKEA offers a Sunrise in Cappadocia theme, meant to reflect the morning atmosphere of the famous Turkish hot air balloon site. The retailer suggests substituting your normal coffee mug for a more traditional Turkish-style cup and saucer, along with using a luxurious gold-colored napkin holder and burgundy napkins that are reminiscent of color schemes commonly found in Turkey.

Indulge in a spa day
You don’t have to be on vacation to rest and rejuvenate your body and mind as though you’re at a hotel spa. You can create a genuinely tranquil and calming spa experience at home, and give yourself the pampering that you deserve.

First, set the scene. Slice some fresh produce — think watermelon, cucumbers, or oranges — and place them in a pitcher of cold water. This naturally flavored water is instantly evocative of a spa waiting room. Dim the lights and play some ambient music. Put your phone on mute, and let yourself revel in the calming atmosphere.

You can create your own facemask at home using ingredients already present in your kitchen, or buy a sheet mask from a store. Paint your nails, blow out your hair, and lounge around in your most luxurious bathrobe. Give yourself permission to spoil yourself, and enjoy!

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