The Wisdom of the Four Dimensions

Achieve balance by aligning these 4D bodies.

A woman in a forest spreads her arms out wide, showing balance and harmony.

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You are more than your physical body; you have emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as well. Pay attention to these four dimensions. Tapping into the wisdom of each may lead to balance, an expanded consciousness, and an ability to become the best you!

Author Jill Willard explained on the wellness site Goop that we should assign equal attention to each body in order to achieve wellness and understanding. She describes these dimensions as rings around the body with the physical first followed by the emotional, mental, and finally, the spiritual on the outermost ring.

Another vision of this is seen in Leonardo da Vinci’s famous “Vitruvian Man” drawing, according to Soulmerging. In this mystical Renaissance work, man represents the physical body and his multiple arms are the emotional side. The square outside the body is the mental, and the circle encompassing all aspects is the spiritual.

While the physical dimension is based on the self, the bodies become less self-focused as they move towards the spiritual body, according to Beyond TeshuvaIn today’s world, there is an over emphasis on the physical and mental bodies. Modern culture extols the rational and scientific over the intuitive, according to Goop. One can either be lacking, too weighted, or balanced in each of these bodies.  

However, to achieve a feeling of unity, all four dimensions should be balanced. You too can get to know your four bodies and enjoy balance in your life.

Your physical dimension

Your physical dimension encompasses your skin and all that is underneath. A healthy physical body will be free of pain, toxicity, and acidity. An unbalanced physical body may age quickly, lose its elasticity, and feel heavy.

To assist in bringing back balance, try meditation, walking outside barefoot, practicing yoga, stretching, or enjoying a massage. A body that is in tune with the other components will intuit what the body is saying and respond to it, according to Soulmerging.

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Your emotional dimension

This body includes the nervous system, hormones, touch, and water, including tears, according to Goop. It is connected to love and is reflected in how you interpret and respond to the world. If you are balanced emotionally, your thoughts and dreams will be calm, your hormones will be balanced, your heart beat slow and even, and you will have steady blood pressure.

Those who are unbalanced tend to have little trust, anxiety, and self-doubt. Balancing the emotional dimension varies for each person. Try breathing exercises, dancing, watching comedy, doing hatha yoga, fasting, or taking a sauna. Working on forgiveness is essential.

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Your mental dimension

This includes your thoughts, prejudices, and attitudes. If this is out of kilter, you may have brain fog, doubt, and confusion. Those who are too mentally stimulated live on overdrive. 

The most balanced people are precise communicators and expert problem solvers. To work on this aspect, try kundalini yoga, talk therapy, and learn to forgive.

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Your spiritual dimension

This is the highest body and represents a connection with the universe or the higher self. Fully balanced people are calm, extremely creative, and brave. They understand there is a higher force in the world.

People who are under-nourished in this area dismiss their own intuition and do not feel part of something greater. Those who are too engulfed in this area have their head in the clouds and cannot face reality. Achieving balance is all about breath work, meditation, and giving.

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