World’s First Lab-Grown Meat Restaurant Opens

Innovative Israeli restaurant now serving cultured chicken.


(Photo courtesy of SuperMeat)

Everyone is familiar with plant-based meat or mock meat. Market shelves are stocked with many varieties of vegan burgers, hot dogs, deli slices, nuggets, and even bacon. Researchers are delving into a new and exciting alternative called lab-grown or cultured meat. And now, the first lab-grown meat restaurant in the world has opened in Israel.

Israeli startup SuperMeat just opened their own restaurant in Ness Ziona, outside of Tel Aviv. This innovative restaurant is called The Chicken, and it is located next door to SuperMeat’s lab. A large glass window enables diners to view the modern production plant from their seats or sit at the bar as they watch the chefs prepare the dishes in an open kitchen.

Due to high demand and COVID-19 restrictions, diners apply online to be invited to this free dining experience. Management is currently testing the menu and asking diners for feedback before their products go commercial.

Their menu features a breaded chicken burger that is crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside. Chefs and food tasters are unable to tell the difference between the lab-grown meat and real chicken, according to Live Kindly.

This is because it is chicken, but it is made without killing animals. Engineers, biologists, and chefs combined their talents, and after three years of research, found a viable solution, according to SuperMeat.

To grow this chicken, cells are taken from an animal. Referred to as “seeds” by SuperMeat, they are planted in a fermenter and fed. The seeds are kept warm and free of oxygen, quickly growing into meat just like that found on an animal’s body. In fact, the meat mass doubles every few hours, quickly providing a large yield. 

No genetic engineering is involved and their chicken is antibiotic-free, free from animal diseases, and free from contaminants. It is actually healthier than eating chicken and cheaper too.

In fact, this chicken is not only humane, it is an environmental game changer. According to the company, their cultured meat uses 99 percent less land than conventional meat production, produces 96 percent less greenhouse gases, and uses 96  percent less water.

SuperMeat is passionate about their product. As the demand for meat worldwide is expected to double in the next 30 years, cultured meat will offer nutritional security as well as food safety. 

This is an exciting development for everyone’s health and for that of the planet. Given that meat farming is the largest factor in habitat loss, according to Live Kindly, lab-grown meat can help heal the earth.

Cultured meats will soon be sold in stores alongside plant-based meats. Get ready for a new taste experience, remembering that each serving represents a huge step in making the world a better place.

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